Free Patterns for Christmas Knitting

Hopefully you’ve started your Christmas knitting by now. Even if you haven’t, though, you should definitely take a look at these amazing Christmas knitting patterns. From tree skirts to super quick ornaments, there’s sure to be something for everyone in this batch of free knitting patterns, courtesy of all the amazing online knitters willing to share their talents. If you love Christmas as much as I do, and you love knitting too, you won’t be able to resist these patterns. So get out your needles and get ready for the Christmas knitting adventure of a lifetime.

Free knitting patterns for Christmas

Every year, I find a new batch of Christmas knitting patterns to fall in love with. Here are my ‘must-have’ projects for this holiday season. 1. Indy’s Puppy Christmas Stocking This knit Christmas stocking pattern is for puppies, as the name implies — but with a little alteration, it will serve people perfectly well, too. Not only is it easy, beautiful, and fun, but the personalized results are a hundred times nicer than any stocking you’ll find in the store. Whether you’re knitting for pets or people, this knit Christmas stocking pattern will give you a boost this holiday season. 2. Knitted Nativity Scene This is a wonderful project for church charity sales or religious family members or friends. It’s a fun, easy knitting project that results in your very own handmade nativity scene. Whether you sell them for charity fundraisers or arrange them carefully beneath your very own Christmas tree, this set is sure to enchant anyone who sees it. 3. Partridge and Pear Tree Ornaments If you watch The Office, you’ll know that Andy’s attempt to give Erin the twelve days of Christmas didn’t work out so well, what with the first eight days consisting mostly of birds. These knit items are a much safer option for anyone who wants to follow the traditional song’s whimsy without sending the recipient to the hospital! 4. Silent Night Tree Skirt or Capelet This cool pattern can be a tree skirt or a sweater, depending on how you knit it — and you’ll love it either way. It’s a Christmas knitting pattern without a specifically Christmas theme, just a pretty snowy white yarn knit into a traditional cabled pattern. 5. Six Pointed Star Ornament If you just need some quick free knitting patterns to get you through the holidays, look no further than these easy but cute six pointed star ornaments. They work great for small Christmas trees, adorning gifts, and tucking into envelopes with family Christmas cards. As the holidays approach, as the temperature drops — the knitters come into their element! Check out these fantastic Christmas knitting patterns and have a very merry season of getting your knit on.