Ultimate Labor of Love: 9 Delightful Knitting Projects for Kids’ Sweaters

knitting projects for kids' sweaters

You’ll enjoy creating these darling knitting projects for kids’ sweaters almost as much as they’ll enjoy wearing them

Knitting a sweater for a child is a unique labor of love. In the creation of any sweater goes a great deal of time, consideration, and care. But I think this is even truer of knitting projects for kids’ sweaters.

After all, sweaters aren’t any good unless they fit!

That’s what can make knitting a sweater for a child such a challenge. Have you ever known a knitter who was knitting a sweater for a child that outgrew it before it was finished?

Maybe you WERE that knitter! Ugh… such a depressing turn of events.

Still, a sweater for a child can be a most beloved gift. Especially if it’s soft, warm, and playful.

And if you knit it for charity, you can rest assured that the recipient will never forget it.

Are you ready to knit a kid’s sweater? Check out the following collection of free knitting projects for kids’ sweaters!

Free Knitting Patterns for Kids’ Sweaters: Pullovers

Ash: Ash is an incredibly attractive pullover with a collar. You’ll knit it in a chunky rib with a single cable that runs down the center of both front and back. And another bonus: it’s seamless.

Viking Ships for 4-Year-Olds: This is an adorable striped pullover with little Viking ships at the bottom.

Kids’ Cotton Cable Turtleneck: This pullover is similar to the one above. Except in this sweater, the cables run all over the sweater. It also features a turtleneck collar. Young teenagers are especially likely to love this one.

Emily Stripes, DROPS Design - knitting project for kid's sweater
Emily Stripes
Photo: DROPS Design

(Although the designer noted that she knows of a child who had been wearing the sweater with cuffs rolled since age 9!).

Emily Stripes: Again, DROPS Design calls this a girl’s pullover. But in different colors, it would be quite suitable for boys, too. The crocheted granny square pocket is completely optional, and the pattern comes in a nice array of sizes — from 5 to 14.

More Free Patterns: Cardigans

Cute Cardi and Hat: This super-sweet cardigan will fit a child 2 to 8. As a bonus, the designer includes a matching hat pattern.

Lindsay Smiles - DROPS Design - knitting project for kid's sweater
Lindsay Smiles
Photo: DROPS Design

Nomi: This is a beautiful cardigan for 8-year-olds, and both boys and girls will be happy to wear it. I love the single button at the top, as well as the texture.

Lindsay Smiles: DROPS Design also calls this a girls’ cardigan. But honestly, aside from the colors, I don’t see why this can’t be made for a boy as well. Just change the colors and the buttons.

I really appreciate that this pattern has such a tremendous range in ages. It runs from size 5 to size 13.

DROPS Adult & Child Cardigan - knitting project for sweater
DROPS Adult & Child’s Cardigan
Photo: DROPS Design

DROPS Adult & Child’s Cardigan: You’ll find both adult and children’s sizes for this V-neck cardigan. And the child’s version runs from size 2 to size 14! It’s a great choice for someone who wants a simple cardigan pattern that they can use for nearly anyone.

(Scroll down to the second half of the page for the child’s version.)

Jersey Jacket for a Child: Can I be honest? I’m posting this primarily because of Franklin Habit, who wrote the accompanying article and designed the sweater. And he is always a delight to read!

If nothing else, read the article for a smile. Then you can knit the sweater. It will fit a child far younger than the other sweaters in this collection, but it’ll take so little time to knit that I’m sure you won’t consider it a waste of time.

I think you’ll enjoy knitting any or all of these darling children’s sweaters! Which is your favorite?

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