Free Knitting Patterns Dogs Won’t Destroy

Okay, let’s be honest: there aren’t many free knitting patterns dogs actually enjoy — unless by ‘enjoy’ you mean they tear them to pieces and glory in the destruction. But if you’re like me and find it hard to give up knitting for your canine friend, never fear: I’ve found some tried and true free knitting patterns dog style. Or at least, my dog’s okay with them — so hopefully yours will be too!

1. Cozy puppy blanket

There aren’t many pups who object to a new comfy blanket. This free knitting pattern dog blanket is very cute and perfect for any animal, puppy or not — all you’ll need to do is adjust the size accordingly. It’s sturdy, attractive, and lots of fun to make.

2. Bark a Lounger

Always wanted to knit a professional looking pet bed? Your prayers have been answered with the Bark-a-Lounger. You won’t believe how amazing this one turns out. It’s one of my very favorite free knitting patterns for dogs, and I really like dog-knitting patterns.

3. Neck doggie scarf

I’m always worried about my pup catching a chill, but he absolutely refuses to wear sweaters and booties. A scarf, for some reason, is no problem. OK, so you could probably use any old scarf if you shortened it down, but this is a free scarf knitting pattern dog style — so why not take a look?

4. Cute knitted collars

It might be pushing it to get your canine pal to wear one of these knitted collars, but mine accepted it without complaint. Depending on your preferences (and your pet’s tolerance levels), you can make something silly and frilly or relatively tame. Let your creativity be your guide!

5. Floppy ears

OK, here’s the deal: if I’m going to dress my dog like a human, I feel I should sometimes return the favor and dress like a dog. Hence this floppy eared knitted headband. It’s too cute for words, although your teenagers might not appreciate it if you wear it out in public. It’s great for dog walking, though — share your solidarity with your pets. Even if your pup is as picky as mine, these are free knitting patterns dogs love — most of the time.