Free Knitting Patterns Dog Owners Will Love

Looking for free knitting patterns dog owners love? You’ve come to the right place. With winter moving in at an alarming pace, keep your canine companion just as warm and cozy as you during the colder months. And these free knitting patterns for dogs and owners alike are just the thing to make your vision a reality.

1. Hand cozy for walking dogs

Ever managed to tangle your mittens in a retractable leash? You’re going to flip for this fantastic pattern. Unlike most free knitting patterns for dogs, this one is for the owner: a way to keep your hand warm and frostbite free. But still gives you manoeuvrability and control over the leash while walking your pet. Nascar Racing’s got nothing on the two of you.

2. Boa dog coat

This perfect free knitting pattern dog owners rave for a little pup you like to dress in the latest fashions. This pattern is fun and cute without being over the top (don’t worry, you won’t look like one of those cartoony old ladies dragging their poodles around in diamond tiaras). If you’re ambitious, you can even make a matching coat for yourself.

3. Puppy blanket

When you want free knitting patterns dogs actually use, there’s nothing like bedding and blankets. This soft, cozy, practical blanket is perfect for puppies and grown dogs alike. The border offers an intriguing concept, curling up to provide a sort of stand up perimeter that makes this blanket more bed than covering.

4. Poodly sweater

Designed for poodles but adapt this sweater to fit any size pup. It’s a very cute, not too girly or frilly sweater that keeps smaller dogs warm throughout the winter months. With such an attractive and practical design, even those people who turn up their noses at the thought of dog clothing are sure to find this sweater appealing. As you search these free knitting patterns dogs and their owners approve, remember: winter’s on its way, and your pup deserves as much warmth and comfort as you have to offer!