Free, Fun Knitting Patterns Dogs Love

Every now and then, I need knitting patterns dogs can wear, too. As much as I love knitting for my human family, sometimes I look at those soulful canine eyes and think, man, you need a sweater. Especially during a cold snap like this one! Why shouldn’t Fido be as warm as the rest of us? For people who’ve never tried a dog sweater knitting pattern, the idea can be intimidating. It’s the same as with socks, though: trying something new is daunting and takes courage. Once you get going, I guarantee you’ll love knitting patterns for dogs as much as I do… even if your pooch doesn’t!

Helpful tips and free knitting patterns for dogs

Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced pet knitter, these free knitting patterns for dogs will get you excited about animal knitting. 1. Simple Beginning Pattern If this is your first dog sweater knitting pattern, this is a great place to start: it’s a simple pattern that you sew together at the end, eliminating the need for much of the complication around sewing four leg holes and a neck hole! Try it out for a sample pattern. 2. Super Cute Ribbed Sweater If you have a little dog, you’ll love this stylish little sweater. It perfectly fits small animals and provides warmth and comfort. Your dog will be his own fashion plate, and you’ll get the privilege of telling his admirers that you created his stunning look — before long, you’ll be in business of your own. 3. Leaf Dog Sweater You have to love people who publish free knitting patterns for dogs, sharing their hard work with the world. This is one of those patterns: a free handknit pattern with a cool leaf motif available online for nothing. How can you beat that? Thanks to the author! 4. Doggie’s Got Style Sweater Prefer a dog sweater knitting pattern with class? You’ll love this striped sweater with a British collegiate feel! Whether you’re walking your dog through the local park or Harvard Yard, why not let him feel like he has a bit of dignity — in spite of the fact that he’s wearing a sweater? 5. Patterns for bigger dogs Big dogs get cold too, but for some reason we tend to make knitting patterns dogs can only wear if they’re under 15 pounds. Fortunately, there are people who sympathize with that plight, and these patterns are fantastic sweaters for larger sized pups. If you’ve never had the pleasure of knitting for pets before, you’ll love going through these free knitting patterns for dogs: they’re all a lot of fun and easy to follow. Enjoy yourself creating knitting patterns dogs won’t mind wearing around town.