Find a Favorite Among These Popular Pullover Sweater Patterns

Earlier we offered you several cardigan sweater patterns; today we’re featuring the most popular pullover sweater patterns. Pullovers can be a little more challenging than cardigans, since there’s less margin for error.

But where a cardigan is more like an accessory, a pullover is a true garment, and thus it can be a staple of your wardrobe, or that of a loved one. And that’s a real achievement!

So whether you’re already an accomplished pullover knitter, or you want to become one, here are the Internet’s most popular pullover sweater patterns, again compliments of Ravelry’s pattern browser.

Most Popular Free Pullover Sweater Patterns

$5 in Paris: This pullover pattern was designed to be simple, quick, soft, and cute. Use whatever soft acrylic yarn you like if you want a frugal sweater; if you want something more lasting, a soft, wearable wool would be best.

Buttercup: Here’s a pullover that’s really more like a T-shirt; it has short sleeves and was designed to be knit using a light DK yarn.

Simple Summer Tweed Top Down V-Neck: This is a very basic pattern with a crew neck variation in addition to the V-neck design.

Driftwood: A simple, striped, partially-buttoned-down lightweight sweater, this pattern is worked from the top down seamlessly.

Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan Sweater: This pattern is so named because, being more of a recipe than a standard pattern, it can be truly customized to fit absolutely anyone, from an infant to an adult! It also offers many variations, including cardigan, V-neck, and crew neck.

Beatnik: Here’s a shapely boat-necked pullover with a pretty set of cables.

Francis Revisited: Our final pattern is a drape-y, cowl-necked pullover with a tiny bit of seed stitch detailing.

Whatever your skill or experience level when it comes to knitting pullovers, you’re bound to find a favorite among these popular pullover sweater patterns!