Everyone Deserves a Smile From Charity Knitting

Everyone Deserves a Smile is a Vancouver based knitting charity built upon the simple idea that kindness grows. It calls itself a grassroots knitting charity and welcomes knitters of any age or description, as well as non-knitters who just want to help out. The program started with the desire to share smiles during the Christmas season. Like most large cities, Vancouver has its fair share of homeless individuals, and it can be hard to bring a smile to the face of those making up society’s less fortunate. Everyone Deserves a Smile puts precisely that philosophy into practice. Its members believe in random acts of kindness and have a number of projects on the go, all of them designed to bring cheer and joy to everyone involved — both crafters and recipients.

Charity donations and projects

Although Everyone Deserves a Smile was originally a Christmas knitting charity, it’s grown significantly over the last six years and expanded its scope to include many different projects. For example, they create kindness packages which they donate to Vancouver’s homeless, and they host a variety of other projects as well. In terms of membership and philosophy, Everyone Deserves a Smile is a little more grassroots than many a knitting charity. Its members promote the concepts that kindness grows, that we should ‘love everybody.’ You’ll sometimes even find them offering free hugs in downtown Vancouver! That’s the kind of fun, straightforward charity that sets Everyone Deserves a Smile apart.

How You Can Help

If you live in the Vancouver area, you can drop in and get to know these spirited individuals. They host many events and projects throughout the year, and go out of their way to just be themselves and enjoy spending time together while making handcrafted charity donations. But if you don’t live in the Vancouver area, you’re still welcome to contribute to this dedicated knitting charity. They need donations of finished items such as scarves, crafting materials, and of course, funding for their various projects. They are also applying for a grant for further charitable projects, so they can use your online votes! You can also spread this concept to your own community. Just contact Everybody Deserves a Smile and ask them how. All of this information and much more is on the Everybody Deserves a Smile website. If you love to knit for charity, love the concept of random kindnesses, and enjoy spending time with free spirited people, this may just be the charity for you. Check out Everybody Deserves A Smile and spread the joy!