Enjoy This Enticing Collection of Exotic Animal Knitting Patterns

For this installment of animal knitting patterns, let’s turn our attention to the exotic: exotic animal knitting patterns! For this group of patterns, I didn’t use any specific criteria. Basically I used Ravelry.com’s excellent pattern browser to hunt for free animal knitting patterns that weren’t birds, cats, or dogs (because we’ve already rounded those up), nor bears or rabbits (because these popular animals will be coming in a later installment. I wanted animals that were fun, clever, fresh, and unusual. If they could also be realistic, that was a bonus! I tried not to let my own personal bias when it comes to certain animals come into play. This was not easy. I’m pretty sure I will never want to cuddle up to a knitted scorpion. But I realize that someone, somewhere, just might, so I’m swallowing my phobia and offering it, along with a few other less-than-cuddly creatures. So without further ado, enjoy these free exotic animal knitting patterns!

Free Exotic Animal Knitting Patterns

Egg to Turtle: Let’s begin with one of the more clever designs I’ve ever seen. It’s a turtle… it’s an egg… it’s both an egg and a turtle! Yes, it’s a “knitsformer” project, with the end result being an egg that can be turned inside out to reveal a turtle. How fun!

Elefante: Another brilliant Susan B. Anderson creation is this oh so charming elephant.

Blue’s Hedgehog: Hedgehogs, in my opinion, are among the cutest creatures in all creation. Want your very own? Why not whip this one up?

Bendy Snakes: Knitting doesn’t get much easier than these snakes. While I’m not much of a snake girl, I have to admit these are pretty cute.

Cuddly Scorpion: Sigh. I don’t honestly think there’s anything at all cuddly about this scorpion. But don’t let my phobia detract you. If scorpions are your thing, or someone else’s, this is definitely the best pattern you’ll find. In fact, knit two or three. The world could probably use more knitted scorpions and fewer of the real thing!

Sock Giraffe: Giraffes are more my speed, ha. I find them completely lovable. If you agree, or you know someone else who does, I know you’ll love this pattern.

Zackie Zebra: This little cutie looks like he would be a joy to knit as well as to give to a zebra-lover.

Don the Dillo: Armadillos are some of the funniest looking creatures around, aren’t they? But they sure do look cute knit up.

Spiders Away: Not the biggest fan of spiders either. But if you feel like knitting up your own Halloween decorations, between this and the scorpion and the snakes, you could put together one heck of a spooky menagerie.

Little Lion Sock Critter: I think everyone needs a little King of the Forest in their lives. (Including Lion Brand, who designed this little guy. I think they should make him their mascot!)

Dragonflies: You may be surprised to hear that unlike the other creepy-crawlies on this list, I love dragonflies. And I really love this adorable design. I think the designer’s suggestion to hot glue a magnet underneath is genius!

Hipponymous: As you might guess, this is a hippopotamus knitting pattern. A cuter and more cuddly-looking hippo you are not likely to find!

Fool’s Dragon: Let’s end this collection with an animal that technically doesn’t exist, but don’t we wish they did? (As long as they don’t breathe fire on our houses, thanks.) If we had cute dragons like this in our world, I certainly wouldn’t object.

I hope you found this collection of exotic animal knitting patterns enchanting — and ready to cast on!