Enjoy One of These Popular Free Hat Patterns!

Hat patterns are some of the most widely-varied in all the knitting world. When you say “hat pattern” to a knitter, that knitter may well picture something very different from what you will picture. You may think of a beanie, a stocking hat, a brimmed hat, a beret, or some other variety. In fact, Ravelry.com’s Pattern Browser lists 12 different kinds of hats, and one of those categories is “Other”! Thus, when we discuss popular hat patterns in the online knitting community, it seems unfair to lump them all into one giant “hat” category. Instead I’ll take you through a series of popular free knitting patterns for hats. I’ll start with beanies, since they’re by far the most common variety, but then we’ll also look at some others, including a few that you may haven’t even thought of knitting! As always, I am indebted to Ravelry’s Pattern Browser & Advanced Search, for helping me to find the most popular free patterns. Onward to popular beanies!

Popular Free Beanie Patterns

Turn a Square: It’s easy to see why this beanie pattern isn’t just the most popular hat pattern on Ravelry, but also one of the most popular of all free patterns. It boasts a very attractive striping pattern that can be used for both men and women. It can use either solid or self-striping yarn. It’s great for using up scraps of yarn. And, it allows you to practice jogless striping techniques. A Hat Fit for a Boyfriend and Man Hat: We all know of the famous “sweater curse,” right? (The so-called “curse” that says if you are a knitter with a boyfriend, don’t dare knit him a sweater or he won’t be your boyfriend for long.) That may help to explain why men’s hat patterns are so popular – it’s a less-time-consuming way to show love for a significant other without scaring him away. These patterns are simple and timeless, perfect for men. Swirl Hat and Hurricane Hat: Two beanies with an appealing spiral pattern, it’s easy to see why they are so popular. Hermione Hearts Ron: Even if you couldn’t care less about Harry Potter, it’s hard not to get caught up in the adorable cables-and-lace action of this charming beanie. Lotus Hat: This beautiful beanie features a crosshatch lace pattern that looks a lot more difficult than it really is. Jacques Cousteau Hat: A slight variation on the typical ribbed “man’s hat” makes this a stylish beanie that many women will love, too. Who?: Ah, you know I can’t resist a hat with owls. The Amanda Hat: This is a rare beanie pattern with a textured design that looks just as good in variegated or self-striping yarn as it does in a solid color. You’ll find this one a delight to knit! Even if you don’t consider yourself a trends-follower, these free hat patterns are popular for a reason; why not try one for your next hat project?