Dress up Your Knitting for Less with Embroidery!

Embroidery is a fun, easy, and extremely frugal way to dress up your knitting. Think about the last time you visited your local craft store. Did you ever take a peek at the prices for embroidery floss? You can usually pick up one little skein of floss for less than a dollar. Get a few different colors and you’ll frequently spend less than $3. Embroidery needles can be found for $2 – $3. You often won’t need a hoop, but if you do? A few dollars is all you’ll need to spend. One more item you may want for embroidery supplies: a marker or chalk pencil specifically for marking on fabric. This can be useful if you would like to have a guide to follow. Sometimes I use one, sometimes I don’t. For dots, I don’t tend to use them. For letters, you’d better believe it. Now you may be thinking, “Okay, so embroidery supplies cost very little. But is it really easy?” Yes! If you can write with pen and paper, you can embroider. I do not have the world’s steadiest hands, but I have embroidered letters on fingerless glove tips, eyes and mouths on stuffed animals, and even a musical note on a knitted coaster my daughter made for a music teacher.

Tips and Techniques

Are you ready to give embroidery a try? Follow the links below to find tutorials on the most common stitches used in embroidery. French Knot Running Stitch Back Stitch Satin Stitch Chain Stitch Armed with these simple stitches, you can create all kinds of beautiful embellishments to your knitting projects. And once you master these, you’ll find it easy to create ever-more complex stitches. So why not take a fresh eye to some of your simple knitting projects and see how embroidery could make them come to life?