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Charity Knitters Unite with Sharing Our Gifts

Join with other charity knitters to make a difference all over the U.S. through Sharing Our Gifts

There seems to be two kinds of charity knitters in the world. One kind of knitter likes to knit just a few types of projects. This knitter often prefers to send these projects to either one or just a few charities.

The other kind of knitter prefers to knit many different projects. These knitters enjoy trying lots of different patterns and, often, sending these projects to as many different charities as they can.

I’m exaggerating, of course; many knitters can and do fall between these two extremes. But one thing that knitters in the latter category may enjoy is belonging to a group that strives to distribute their charity projects to many different organizations.

This is exactly how one might describe the Ravelry group called Sharing Our Gifts. Their goal is simple: to knit for charitable organizations in all 50 states.

They began their mission in September 2009, and by July 2014 they had successfully knitted for charities in all 50 states. Now they’ve started again! As of this writing, they’ve completed projects for Utah, California, South Dakota, Arkansas, and North Dakota. Their next two projects (which may have already finished by the time you read this!) are for New Mexico and Minnesota.

The charities supported by Sharing Our Gifts are quite varied. They include charities for the homeless, for premature children, for chemotherapy patients, for Native Americans, for disaster relief, for the elderly, for veterans, and many more. If you enjoy the challenge and variety of knitting for many different charities that need help, read on!

How You Can Help

If you’re interested in this group, you might want to take a look at their Ravelry group and/or their blog. You can also check out their Flickr group. All will give you a good idea of what this group does and how it operates.

Want to join? You can join at either Ravelry or Flickr. See what they’re currently working on, and then jump right in. Sharing Our Gifts is a wonderful way to help make a big impact all over the country with other like-minded charity knitters!