Bag Knitting Patterns For Any Occasion

When I first heard of bag knitting patterns, I instantly thought of felted totes. And it’s true: the vast majority of knitted bag patterns involve felting. But don’t let that scare you off… felting is as easy as tossing your knit project into a hot washing machine. These knitted bag patterns are amazingly versatile — there’s one for almost any occasion or necessity. Just a word of warning: remember that if your pattern calls for felting, you must use natural fibers like wool. If you use acrylic, it won’t “felt” properly.

Free knitting patterns for bags

No matter what type of bag you’re looking for, you’ll find it with these patterns: 1. Purse This super stylish purse is called 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea because the original look reminded the designer of seaweed. With its bright colors, funky design, and cool style, though, it definitely won’t make you look like you’re carting around a bunch of plankton. This is a must see if you need a new purse. 2. Knitted Grocery Bag (no felting!) Who says you can’t make a knit bag pattern without felting? This grocery bag begs to differ — it makes a cute alternative to those unattractive reusable things grocery stores try to sell you for two or three bucks (what are they thinking?). 3. Pajama Bag They grow up so fast! Little Tiffany is off to her first sleepover, and you want to make sure she packs in style. This adorable ladybug pajama bag will definitely do the trick. The black and white picture does not do the finished product justice! 4. Ayla Backpack These bag knitting patterns are really cute for a girl’s backpack while school’s in session. It’s probably not practical for everyday use at school, but it will be perfect for hiking, field trips, and those sleepovers we were just talking about. 5. Lunch Bags This site links to three great free knitting patterns for lunch bags. That’s right: you can be crafty, environmentally friendly, and stylish all at the same time. These knit lunch bags are sure to gather attention. They’re also small, inexpensive, and easy to make, so they’re fantastic gifts. 7. Magic Amulet Bag Told you we had knitted bag patterns for any occasion. These amulet pouches used to be used for carrying herbs and other important items, but you could use them for anything from your keys to a pill bottle. Very cute and very trendy. I never realized there were so many awesome bags out there, just waiting for me to come along with yarn and needles. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Check out these bag knitting patterns and let me know what you think!