Are You Ready for One of These Popular Cardigan Sweater Patterns?

To many of us knitters, sweater patterns are quintessential projects. They represent genuine achievement. If you have knitted a sweater, you have not only stuck with a project long enough to produce a sweater, but you have also successfully navigated obstacles of fit: length, width, and snugness. Some knitters successfully knit many sweaters. Those are their patterns of choice. Perhaps you are such a knitter, or perhaps you want to be such a knitter. If you are the former, you may have already knitted some of the patterns shown here — or perhaps you were not yet aware of them. If you are the latter, here’s your chance to check out some of the most popular free patterns online. You, too, can become a sweater knitter! Sweater patterns can be divided into two categories: cardigans and pullovers. Cardigans, because they open, are often a little easier, so they are a good choice for the beginning sweater knitter. They’re also great for the more experienced sweater knitter, who is often able to customize these patterns as they see fit. As always, my thanks to the Ravelry pattern browser for helping me find these popular patterns.

Popular Free Sweater Patterns

February Lady Sweater: This is the most popular cardigan pattern you can find using Ravelry; not only have over 12,000 users knitted this pattern, but so many knitters have made their own modifications and offered tips that the pattern’s Ravelry page has its own Wiki tab. It has also been translated into nine different languages other than English, from Danish to Swedish! Shalom Cardigan: Here is a short-sleeved, one-button cardigan that looks complex but is actually fairly simple. Its Ravelry page also includes many links to tips and modifications, and it has been translated into five languages other than English. Aidez: This gorgeous Aran-style cardigan features stunning latticework in the back. Abalone: Cardigans don’t get much easier than this very pretty pattern: it’s short sleeved, completely open in the front, knitted flat, and seamless. This is a great first pattern for beginning cardigan knitters! Paulie: Here’s a gorgeous, full-sleeved and fully-buttoned cardigan with stripes and a simple collar. Rogers-esque Cardigan Jacket: Reminiscent of the cardigan Mr. Rogers changed into when he came home at the beginning of each episode of “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” this is a vintage-styled cardigan that any man would be happy to wear. Avast: Here’s another man’s cardigan, with a zip-front and a rugged design. Why should men be left out of the fun of cardigans? Saturday Morning Hoodie: Looking for a chunkier, more jacket-like cardigan? Here is a unisex pattern that will fit the bill perfectly. Whether you’re looking to knit your first cardigan or add to your collection, one or more of these popular cardigan sweater patterns could be just what you need!