Adorable Knitted Toys for Your Knitting Pleasure

Knitted toys are great charity projects and gift ideas for the children in your life. But let’s face it: some knitted toy patterns are so cute that we want to knit them even if there’s no one in particular in your life to give them to! Or maybe that’s just me? Anyway, in the spirit of fun and frugality, I’ve rounded up for you ten of the cutest toy patterns I’ve ever seen!

Ten Irresistibly Adorable Toy Patterns

Giant Panda: I don’t know how anyone can keep a smile off their faces when beholding a giant panda, and this cuddly pattern is no exception. Knitted Swan Dolls in Love: What’s more beautiful than a swan? How about two swans in love? Say it with me: awwwww! Kiwi: I don’t normally think “cute!” when I think of a kiwi, but from the moment I saw this pattern, I wanted to make it. And keep it. Just look at those big eyes! Rufus the Hamster: This little guy is so cute, he almost looks real! Sheep Toy: What could be a better use of yarn than a knitted sheep, that symbol of all things wooly? Sea Anemone and Clownfish: Even if you’ve never seen “Finding Nemo,” you’ll find this under-sea toy adorable. Pasha the Penguin: COME ON. It’s a penguin. Penguins are cute. It’s a proven fact. Blue’s Hedgehog: The world is just starting to discover the utter adorableness of the little critters known as hedgehogs. The best thing about this little guy is that he’s completely safe — no worries about sticky quills here! Bubo: He’s an owl! He’s a pillow! He’s an owl and a pillow! This little guy is tailor-made for cuddling. Calico Kitten Pocket Pet: This is one kitten that will never grow up! So whether you have a recipient in mind or want to keep these cuddly toys all to yourself, why not make knitted toys your next project?