WIP Catalog & Knitting Stitch Catalog Bundle


Knitting Stitch Catalog

Keep track of all your favorite knitting stitches with this handy printable worksheet!

WIP (Works in Progress) Catalog

Track your Works in Progress with this handy worksheet!


This bundle has everything you need to make a fresh start with your knitting!

First: if you’ve been unable to curb your Startitis tendencies, the WIP (Works in Progress) Catalog worksheet is just what you need to shake free. 

Track down all your works in progress. Catalog them in this handy worksheet. Figure out what you want to keep and what you can frog (and reclaim the yarn from!). 

Then you have a handy way to methodically work through those WIPs and turn them into finished projects!

Second: have you ever fallen in love with the stitch pattern you used in a particular project, only to be unable to return to it later because you can’t remember what it was called or how to work it? 

With the Knitting Stitch Catalog, you’ll never have that problem again! 

Create swatches of your favorite stitches (or take photos of the stitch in progress). Catalog them in this handy printable worksheet. Put them together in a 3-ring binder and have your own stitch catalog on hand whenever you need it.

Both of these PDFs are available for immediate download, and you can print them as many times as you want or need. You can even laminate them and add them to your knitting bag for easy reference. 


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