How to Find the Perfect Knitting Pattern Using Ravelry


In just 3 simple video lessons (totaling less than half an hour!), learn how to use Ravelry’s Advanced Search in their Pattern Database. Save tremendous time on finding the perfect knitting pattern!



What you get

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This course includes 3 video lessons, plus 2 bonus videos.

  • All About Ravelry: How to join Ravelry and enjoy all its benefits, including Your Notebook, Groups, and the Yarn Database. Also, why Ravelry’s Pattern Database is THE BEST.
  • How to Use Advanced Search: The meat of the course! (Think Lesson 1 as the appetizer.) Learn all about how to use Advanced Search to find your perfect knitting pattern.
  • A Deep-Dive into Filters: Here’s where you’ll learn about all the filters in Advanced Search that will make finding your perfect pattern so much easier.
  • Bonus Video 1: How to install the “Ravel It!” button on your browser
  • Bonus Video 2: How to use the Internet Wayback Machine to track down bad pattern links

Frequently Asked Questions

First, you will receive an email with a PDF that says “Read Me First.” This PDF will offer you a link to your course page, which will populate with lessons beginning on Day 1 of the course (October 12), as well as the password for you to access the page.

You will also receive another email that offers access to your first course video, which is hosted on YouTube. You can watch your lessons either on YouTube or on the course page.

You’ll receive a new email on every subsequent day of the course, and you’ll receive an email with a link to the live demonstration/Q&A call as well.

As long as your device is able to access YouTube, you can watch course videos everywhere!

I suggest watching your course videos on one device and accessing the Ravelry website on a computer, just so you can follow along on the site while you watch.

(If your computer has the capability and/or the screen size, you can also watch videos on one side of your screen while accessing Ravelry on the other side.)

Because this course is a beta launch, I would prefer you peruse the course alone for now. Once the course has finished its beta session and receives updates, you may share the course with your knitting group. (I would appreciate your not sharing links to videos on social media, however–please keep it only within the confines of your knitting group.)

I”m ready to start using Ravelry to find my perfect knitting pattern!


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