What Can You Do With One Skein of Yarn?

Do you have a collection of left-over yarn that you can’t figure out how to use? Wonder no more. Avid knitters deal with this all the time. So let these knitters come to the rescue with ideas for projects completed with just one skein.

One skein projects

Like most knitters, you complete projects only to find that a skein of yarn is left over. Or, you scope out new yarn shops only to find a beautiful yarn you just can’t pass up. Need a project so you buy just one skein? Or how about this one? You find a yarn that you’ve absolutely fallen in love with but the price is sky high. What do you do? Of course, you buy just one skein thinking something can be done with it. Guess what? I’ve done the same thing many times and like you I have a basket full of “orphan” yarn. I don’t want to make a “hodge-podge” afghan or sweater and don’t want to make a baby blanket for charity out of odds and ends. Find projects to make with just one skein of yarn is my solution. With the help of the Internet and Judith Durant of One-Skein Wonders, get your knitting needles ready.

Lacy bookmark

These don’t even take one skein and give as gifts to nursing homes or while visiting the sick in hospitals.

Jamaica pouch

This bag with a circular opening at the top closed by a drawstring, reminds me of a “hobo” sack. These are really cute and give to boys and girls in the hospital with a small toy included.


Shrugs are light-weight sweaters. Although, not full-sized sweaters and not fitted but, this is a lovely gift to pass out at nursing homes to elderly women appreciating a pretty gift that also keeps the chill off.


There are as many patterns for caps and toboggans as there are yarns! Use up your orphan yarn knitting these different caps making everything from preemie baby caps to children’s caps to chemo caps. There are so many styles to choose from that only take one skein that you can knit up all your loose yarn in no time.


Make yourself a beautiful scarf or make one as a charity gift to take to widows at your church, shut-ins, and nursing home patients.

Doll clothes

Got a Little girl in your life? She would love some Barbie clothes to dress up her dolls.


Tons and tons of purse patterns exist (many for free) to whip up with one skein of yarn. See? There are plenty of projects that you can make with your orphan yarn. Consider buying the One-Skein Wonder book or simply surf the Internet for free knitting patterns. Use up all that extra yarn in no time.