Save Money and Knit Fun Projects with Leftover Sock Yarn

What can you do with leftover sock yarn? We’ve all been there — we have dibs and drabs of lovely sock yarn, we want to knit, but we don’t have enough for a pair of socks or a shawl. Is there hope? Of course there is! You don’t have to race out and buy more sock yarn (unless you want to, and I admit I fight this urge regularly). You have many options when it comes to using leftover sock yarn. Here are a few patterns you can try when you’re ready to use up sock yarn without opening your wallet! Free Patterns for Using Leftover Sock Yarn Grandmother Owl Booties: Baby booties are a wonderful use for leftover sock yarn, and this is one of the cutest, easiest patterns I’ve seen. These will knit up in a flash! Ornaments: It’s never too soon to think about winter holidays, and these are 2 adorable ornament patterns. Mini Christmas Stockings Mini Sweater Ornaments Boogie Earbuds: If you ever have a problem with your earbud cords becoming hopelessly entangled, these I-cord covers will solve that problem forever! Smidge Headband: Who couldn’t use a beautiful headband? This pattern works especially well for variegated yarn. Bow Pouch: This is ridiculously clever. It’s a pretty bow bracelet that doubles as a tiny pouch in which to carry tiny things you enjoy having on hand (like safety pins, bobby pins, a flash drive, or a couple of coins, to name a few). Key Cozy: This is fun, clever, and a great way to try or practice Magic Loop knitting. Bookmark Trio: Everyone uses bookmarks! This is a set of three patterns that range from simple to more complex. Simple iPhone Cozy: I love cell phone cozy patterns, and this is one of the best of the bunch. Chapstick Necklace: Do you have a young girl in your life who loves lip balm or lip gloss but is forever losing it? (Or maybe YOU are that girl…) This necklace is a great way to keep that valuable item close at hand. Socknitters Mini-Sock: I find miniature socks irresistible. They make great decoration — use them for broaches, necklaces, as a small pouch, or whatever strikes your fancy. Elven Leaf Brooch: No introduction necessary, really. This is just beautiful! Olive Oil Drip Catcher: If you use a lot of olive oil (or really any cooking oil), you’ll spot the genius of this pattern right away. It keeps those inevitable drips from making things messy in the kitchen. Reusable Produce Bag: You can use this at the grocery store, the farmer’s market, or just in your own refrigerator or on your counter! With this long list of fun free patterns, you need not spend any money to knit — just cast on with that leftover sock yarn!