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Try a Popular Knitted Pillow Pattern for a Great Gift

Pillows are a special love of mine, and I can’t think of anything more enjoyable than a knitted pillow pattern. Pillows offer warmth and comfort, and as such they make amazing gifts. Below are the Internet’s most popular knitted pillow patterns, courtesy of Ravelry.com’s pattern search, as always.

Most Popular Free Knitted Pillow Patterns Online

Independence Pillow: This is the single most popular free knitting pattern for a pillow, according to Ravelry. It’s a great project to practice cables as well as buttonholes. Winged Heart Tattoo: Here’s a fun pillow inspired by the traditional “Mom” tattoo. Bobble Sheep Pillow: What better pillow for a knitter than a sheep pillow? Handspun Cushion: This is a very simple ribbed pillow with a pretty buttonband on one side. If you have a beautiful handspun yarn, this pattern would be perfect for showing it off. Smushion: Just as the name suggests, this is a soft, cuddly pillow worked with cables and a button closure. Puff Mama: How fun is this? Basically it’s an enormous pillow knitted with super bulky yarn and large needles. It’s big enough to use as a pouf chair, kind of like a beanbag chair! I hope that you fell in love with at least one knitted pillow pattern and will try it out soon; meanwhile, all these pillows have put me in the mood for a nap!