Are you in need of some fresh knitting motivation, inspiration, and most importantly, patterns?

Are you bored with knitting the same old thing day after day?
Do you need fresh motivation to knit?
Are you ready to find simple yet interesting patterns that you can easily donate to charity? 

If so, Swaying with the Wind: a Charity Knitting Pattern Collection is exactly what you need!

With this collection, you’ll get immediate access to knitting patterns you’ll love using over and over again for charity… and you’ll find charities that would love to accept them!


  • No need to worry about a pattern being beyond your skill level. Every technique required for every pattern has a video demonstration. No pattern is beyond your reach!
  • Boredom with your knitting is a thing of the past, because you have a set of simple yet interesting textured designs that will keep your needles clicking merrily. 
  • You’re at peace while you knit, not worrying about where you’ll take your new creation… because for every pattern you knit, you know there’s a resource that will show you who will greet your donation with appreciation. 

And most of all:
Imagine that you feel a powerful sense of purpose and generosity because you know that your knitting will make a difference! 

Over the years, I’ve slowly been improving my knitting skills so I could do the kind of knitting I wanted.

Once I learned more knitting techniques, I had that familiar two-fold struggle. I wanted to move beyond garter stitch and enjoy my knitting process. But I also wanted to knit patterns I could easily memorize, so I could relax with my knitting. 

(I love to knit while watching TV, listening to music or a podcast, or while watching a high school football game.)

And I had the struggle you probably have had as well: the struggle to figure out who will take what you want to knit.

This is exactly why I’ve created Swaying with the Wind for you!

Here’s what you’ll find in Swaying with the Wind: a Charity Knitting Pattern Collection.

8 how-to knitting videos, so you don’t have to hunt down separate knitting technique tutorials for your project. 

6 patterns, with a total of 18 variations, so you’ll be able to knit for nearly anyone, and you can have enough variety to keep things interesting.

Finally, a list of charities that will take every project in the collection, so you don’t have to worry where you’ll send your project when you’re done. And most importantly, so you can really start making a difference with your knitting!

Special Bonus Offer — Three Days Only!

Get “11 Energizing Knitting Stitch Patterns” free with your purchase of Swaying with the Wind: a Charity Knitting Pattern Collection during this three-days-only offer!

With 11 more delightfully textured knitting stitch patterns — ranging from the super-simple seed stitch to the gloriously intricate entrelac square — you’ll always have a stitch pattern to keep your knitting exciting! 

Plus, this collection features detailed instructions on how to turn a stitch pattern into your own unique project. 


Included in Swaying with the Wind

  • Knitting Video Tutorials
    • Casting on / Knit Stitch / Purl Stitch / Increases / Decreases/ Circular Knitting / Binding Off / Bamboo Rib Stitch
  • Sways with the Wind Scarf
  • Sways with the Wind Afghan Square / Dishcloth / Washcloth
    •  6 inch / 7 inch / 8 inch / 12 inch
  • Sways with the Wind Headband / Cowl
    • Circular Version / Flat Version
  • Sways with the Wind Hats for All Heads 
    • Circular Version / Flat Version
  • Sways with the Wind Dropped Stitch Cowl
  • Sways with the Wind Throw Afghan / Lap Afghan / Baby Blanket / Wrap
  • Charities Accepting Projects Made from the Patterns in This eBook
    • Everything / Scarves / Squares / Cowls / Hats / Blankets / Shawls

More praise for
Swaying with the Wind

“I really enjoyed the pattern created in the main body of the hat, it was simple to follow and repeat. I enjoyed this stitch! It’s a great look and I would knit this again. Compliments from my daughter who thought the stitch was very textural and intriguing.”

“I liked the bamboo knit pattern for the hat. I have never used the pattern before and really like it. I love the pattern. I use a Knifty Knitter for the bulk of my charity hats, but I do knit special hats with straight needles. This is the pattern I am going to use for charity and my family and friends. It’s the perfect hat.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this pattern. It was an easy project to start and finish on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I would definitely knit it again – already planning to knit headbands to match mittens I have been working on for an elementary school! The headband would be a nice compliment to the mittens – and scarves.”

“Okay, Nicole, I’m hooked! Two headband/neckwarmer sets and just cast on the hat. Yes, I have a full life other than knitting, but obviously, I’m obsessed!”
Linda B.


“Your email cemented my decision to purchase! I had been wavering… I already have so many downloads of free patterns (unorganized)… Even though my husband was encouraging me to get your book, I was still not sure. UNTIL I got your email outlining all the wonderful things you have done in this book to make preparing AND donating easier.”


Want to make sure Swaying with the Wind: a Charity Knitting Pattern Collection is right for you?

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Fill out the form below and ask your question(s). I’ll be more than happy to set your mind at ease and help you decide whether this collection will help you!