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Street Knit Keeps Toronto Warm

The good folks of Street Knit do what knitters do best: share their talents and dedication with people in need. Every year in Toronto, hundreds of people freeze to death in the harsh Canadian winters because they have nowhere to go.

As the Street Knit website says, they can’t knit shelters — but they can knit hats, sweaters, blankets, scarves, and more to keep people warm this winter.

Knitting for charity at its best

Street Knit got its start a few years ago just like most knitting charity ideas get going: with someone noticing a problem and wanting to help. Since then, Street Knit has blossomed into a huge charitable endeavor, with its founder appearing on TV shows like Canada AM and people around the world volunteering to help out. In fact, Street Knit has become so popular that it spawned a sister organization in nearby Oshawa.

The program itself is very simple. Members spend their winter and summer knitting items to keep the homeless warm. Come Fall, they donate these items to homeless outreach programs, who distribute them to people in the city as needed. Sound simple? Most knitting for charity is — and it has a big impact!

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Knit for charity and have a blast

One of the coolest things about this knitting charity is how much they’re involved in. Of course, anyone who knits for charity makes a difference, even if they donate a single blanket to a homeless shelter. But Street Knit is determined to reach as many as possible, so they host a wide variety of events throughout the year to raise awareness and money for their projects.

For example, every year Toronto hosts the very cool Stitch ‘N Pitch, where knitters congregate at a Toronto Bluejays baseball game to knit and watch baseball (just imagine an entire stadium of knitters!). This year, Street Knit was on hand to spread information and collect finished items for their program.

Another cool thing: Street Knit doesn’t let anything go to waste. They receive many donations of yarn, largely practical — but sometimes they get lots of fancy stuff, very nice (and expensive) yarn, but not useful for keeping people warm.

Rather than re-donating it or getting rid of it, Street Knit organized a yarn swap, where they traded those fancy yarns for simpler yarns from local knitters.

The folks at Street Knit have really taken knitting for charity to a new level. They aren’t just doing this as a hobby – they are doing it as a mission. You have to admire their dedication and hard work. If you want to help, there are many ways to get involved, even if you’re not a Toronto resident! Visit the Street Knit website to get knitting today, or visit their Facebook group to get connected to their community of knitters.

Maybe you’ll even consider starting a Street Knit chapter of your own!

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