Simple Knitting Patterns for Ladies’ Tops

Why are knitting patterns for ladies’ clothes so intimidating? You know what I mean. You’ve tackled knitting patterns for blankets, afghans, scarves and hats. You might have even gotten brave and tried a pair of socks or baby cardigan. That’s great. These all make great gifts for your loved ones. But…what about you? Are you afraid to tackle making something for yourself? If you are, there’s no need to be afraid. I picked out a few super easy knitting patterns for you to try. They’re easy and make gorgeous tops just for you. Bamboozle Stripes This top is always in style and always easy to knit. You basically knit a rectangle. The only ‘tricky’ part is making the decreases for the neck opening. Once you have the front and back knit, you knit the neckband and armhole bands and sew them in. Super simple. But, don’t let the easy pattern fool you. Like I said, this pattern never goes out of style. You can make it in a lightweight yarn and wear it all summer. You can give it a casual or formal look with your choice of yarn. Yes, it’s basic but that means you’ll be able to knit a lot of these, each with a different look and stock your wardrobe. Lace Strap Tank Top Tank tops should be a staple in your wardrobe. Around the house, you can wear them with a pair of shorts. When you go out, team them up with an open blouse and a pair of pants or skirt. If you make a few tank tops in basic colors, you’ll be able to come up with an endless number of outfits on the spur of the moment. This tank is especially pretty because its lace straps give it a feminine and lacy look. This pattern has the skill rating of ‘easy’ and it is. You’ll love knitting this top as much as you love wearing it. Twisted Cable Tube This pattern is more like the cami’s that are so popular. Just like the tank top pattern above, you can wear this top alone or layered with other tops. Extremely fast and easy, you’ll be hooked after you make one of these. To make this top, you knit a tube in a rib stitch. Make two tubes. Stitch them together. Use a crochet chain stitch to make the straps and attach. You can easily make this in one night. Knit T-Top This free knitting pattern is called the t-top because when you lay it out flat, it looks like a fat letter ‘t’. What this means for you is that it’s easy to make. Although it has 3/4 length sleeves, you don’t have to knit, shape and sew sleeves in separately. The sleeves are part of the ‘t’. If you like loose-fitting tops with even more coverage than the shell, you’ll like this pattern. If you choose lightweight yarns, you can wear it all summer long. Tank Top Shell This pattern is also rated for beginners and is similar to the tank top pattern. The difference is this top has a higher neck like a traditional shell and gives more coverage. If you like sleeveless tops but think tank tops are a bit skimpy, this pattern is for you. Using just four balls of yarn, this top knits up fast! Get Started on Gorgeous! Go ahead. Get started knitting up these patterns. In no time at all, you’ll have your closet stocked with basic pieces to mix and match. Or, whip of one of these tops in a specialty yarn for a special occasion. Take some time out and knit yourself something lovely with these knitting patterns…you deserve it and you’ll look gorgeous!