Readers Share What They Enjoy Listening To, Part 2

A few weeks ago I shared what knitters from the Knitting for Charity Facebook page enjoy listening to in Part 1. Now I’d like to share the email responses I received to my query in the Knitting Nuggets Newsletter.

Email Responses to the Newsletter

From trvlhawaii: I really enjoy watching (OK, mainly listening to) episodes of TV quiz show Jeopardy while I knit baby afghans for our local military base. Kind of like giving and learning at the same time! Occasionally, I have to convince our pure bred alley cat that the current project is not for her! (She has her own knitted pad to lay on) From Kendra: I’m happily reading along and I get to contemporary Christian (me too) and classical (my degree is in classical voice), and then this: “I am also a huge tennis fan.” What??? ME TOO! I currently spend my knitting hours watching my Australian Open app. When I’m not working or knitting, I’m on the tennis court or in the ballet studio. I’m thinking we’d enjoy knitting together! From Joan: I LOVE podcasts and I particularly like Serial. It is produced by the same folks who produce This American Life (another great podcast to listen to, if you miss the radio broadcast). Serial is one story, all season long, told week by week. Wonderful story telling! This season is about Bo Bergdahl, the American soldier who was in captivity in Pakistan for 5 years – again, extremely compelling. From Barbara: I listen to books on tape, usually mysteries, detective stories or any kind of fiction! I don’t watch TV so this is my entertainment! From Abbey: I listen to books mostly via my library – many of the libraries offer downloadable books via the Overdrive system – I have it on my computer and my Kindle fire. Currently on a British history jag – Niall Ferguson’s EMPIRE and just finished Jan Morris’s Pax Britannica trilogy. From Diana: I usually use Pandora for music and I too listen to contemporary Christian music, but also listen to Relaxation Radio which is very soothing and during the holidays, Christmas Piano is fabulous. Country music sneaks in there once in a while as well. I can’t say that I always knit to music because I love golf and movies and of course Downton Abbey but I like to pay attention to every word so not much knitting happens during Downton. And last but not least I keep telling myself to use Audible for the few “books on tape” that I have but haven’t tried it… yet! From Jenny: When I’m knitting or crocheting I love listening to almost any kind of music, just so long as songs don’t have any ‘strong language’ as we call it here! That gives me plenty scope for listening to classical, rock and pop, with a bit of jazz, folk and religious music for good measure. Too many favourite artists/composers to mention, but I do have rather a soft spot for eighties’ synth-pop artists like Visage, John Foxx, seventies artists Kraftwerk, from the sixties I love the Dave Clark Five – then on the classical scene I adore Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Ravel, Faure, and so on and so forth! My current knitting project is by way of a tribute to my mum (she passed away five years ago this February) – she taught me to knit with one of her old wartime patterns (Comforts for the Troops). I’m doing a batch of fingerless ‘rehearsal’ mittens for musicians in the Royal Air Force. It’s a really easy pattern to make; before my arthritis flared up I was able to do a complete pair in a day – now I need up to 2 days! The thing is I find knitting or crochet helps keep my sanity levels on ‘fair to good’; If I didn’t have my crafts I don’t know what I’d be like. From Nancy: I love to watch classic American movies, especially from the 30s and 40s. Since visiting the American southwest I also love watching westerns. When I’ve watched an entire movie, I’ve been able to finish a good bit of knitting. From Linda: I enjoy knitting when I’m alone, and it’s quiet… but that rarely happens! Most the time, my husband has the TV on, so I knit to whatever news or movie he has on. Sometimes when alone, I do enjoy listening to books on my Kindle – makes it easy to get a book read. I have tried reading and knitting at the same time, but can’t seem to — getting too old for multi-tasking! From Sherie: Can’t listen to any sports! I get to counting the score into my number of stitches! Any type of restful, quiet music – no words. From Sadie: I personally like listening to my favorite podcast, Welcome to Night Vale.It’s a podcast about a fictional desert town in the American Southwest. The podcast itself is the community radio station and all the weird things that happen in the town of Night Vale. From Susan: Here are some of my favorite people I like to listen to while knitting: Fernando Ortega, Mercy Me, Piano Guys, Kari Kobe, Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Lauren Daigle, Hillsong United and lots more. Thanks to everyone who wrote to share what they enjoy listening to while knitting. I hope some of you have been inspired with new ideas as to what to listen to. I personally want to try more audio books!