Readers Share What They Enjoy Listening To, Part 1

One of the many things that make knitting such a wonderful hobby is that it engages your hands while leaving your ears free to listen to other things. Many knitters have found that they can concentrate better when their hands are occupied with knitting. On the other hand, sometimes knitting is just a wonderful way to unwind and listen to something enjoyable. To that end, I asked knitters on the Knitting for Charity Facebook page, as well as readers of the Knitting Nuggets Newsletter, what they enjoyed listening to while knitting. The responses poured in, and now I’d like to share them with you. Before I share readers’ responses, I’ll share my own favorite knitting listens. I love a lot of different genres of music, including contemporary Christian and classical music, as well as a handful of independent rock artists (my very favorite is my fellow Oklahoman Graham Colton). I am also a huge tennis fan, so when I’m not watching tennis (which I frequently knit through – it helps with the nerves!), I enjoy two particular tennis-themed podcasts. One is called No Challenges Remaining, and the other is called, simply, The Tennis Podcast. So many of you responded to my query that I decided to divide your responses into two posts. This week we’ll hear from those of you who responded via Facebook. Next week, we’ll hear from those of you who responded via email.

Facebook Knitters Respond: What We Like to Listen to While Knitting

Deborah: I love classical and knit to that often, but frankly even football has my needles clicking away! Sally: Audible audiobooks. I am reading Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith now – 17 + hours! Pamela: Anything by Raphael (the Spanish singer, not the French one!) Victoria: Audio books (any kind but science fiction) and talk radio. Annie: NYC classical radio station… on very low. Jen: I love Pandora! I put the shuffle option on and listen to everything from hard rock to classical. Audio books from the library are favorites too. So far Whoopi Goldberg, Anne Rule, Stephen King, and watching Elizabeth Zimmerman DVDs. Charlene: I recently purchased the audiobook of “Gone with the Wind,” and I am in heaven! I listen to it on my lunch break while I do yarnish-type stuff. I had to pay for it, but audiobooks are very inexpensive if you buy them to go along with a Kindle purchase…. you can also get free audio books if you use the OverDrive app from a library that participates. I love listening to audiobooks, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Makes my ride to work so much easier! Susan: Mostly classical music, sometimes classic rock. Kathleen: Silence. My life is full of noise. When am able to knit alone, I relish the quiet. When I am unable to knit alone, I am usually hearing whatever the family is watching on TV! Linda: I listen to my books on Kindle. Love to be able to do that, because when I knit, I often wish I could be reading, and when reading, wish I could be knitting. Which I tried, juggling knitting needles and a book–but it was not very effective!! Now, listening while I knit is a perfect combo! Stay tuned — in a future post, you’ll hear from knitters who responded to the newsletter query!