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Reach across the World with Charity Knitting: Hats for Israeli Soldiers

Your charity knitting can warm heads on the front lines of battle through Hats for Israeli Soldiers

I have written about charity knitting efforts for people in the military many times; however, these have all (or nearly all) been for American military. (I am, after all, in the United States!) This does not, however, mean that Knitting for Charity doesn’t support military men and women all over the world; on the contrary, I know that it is difficult to be a soldier anywhere. Being American, I simply hear more about charity knitting initiatives for American troops than for any other country.

However, recently I did discover a knitting charity called Hats for Israeli Soldiers. I am proud of Knitting for Charity’s long history in highlighting charities that exist elsewhere in the world, and I’m equally excited to offer this charity knitting opportunity.

As you may know, Israel is one of the most war-torn countries in the world. Its military plays an extremely vital role in maintaining the safety of its citizens. This is a military that faces constant danger and hardship.

Hats for Israeli Soliders was begun by a woman named Channah. On the Hats for Israeli Soldiers blog, she writes,

As the mother of an Israeli soldier and the organizer of a local group of handcrafters called ‘Chicks with Sticks,’ I began a small grass roots initiative to knit hats for soldiers…and it grew…and grew…and grew. This small, concrete way to send a soldier a little warmth struck a chord with knitters around the world. Thousands of their handmade hats are already in use by combat soldiers on Israel’s front lines.

In fact, since the group’s inception in 2008, over 30,000 hats have been distributed amongst Israeli soldiers! In addition to helping to boost troop morale, these hats really are needed because not only in Israel, but also in other Middle Eastern countries where these troops are stationed, winters can grow very cold indeed.

How You Can Help

If you’d like to take part in this effort, I know Channah would welcome your knitting and crocheting! Do check out the Hats for Israeli Soldiers blog. Just reading her blog will inspire you to knit or crochet for these young men!

The hat pattern can be found on the left sidebar of her blog. There are knitting and crochet versions, along with links offering assistance with circular knitting and mattress stitch, if needed. (Because hats need to conform to military regulations, if you want to knit for this charity, please follow the patterns provided.)

Because the hat pattern is very simple and basic, this is both a great project for beginners (especially since there are flat and circular versions) and a nice, quick project for more experienced knitters.

When you’ve finished hats, you can send them to the address at the bottom of the hat pattern. Be sure to note the “Important Mailing Instructions” on the left sidebar of the blog, to ensure your hats get to soldiers.

Don’t forget to e-mail Channah when you’ve sent hats, so she’ll be expecting them and can let you know when they arrive.

This is a beautiful opportunity to reach across to another part of the world and help young men on the front lines of war. I hope you’ll consider charity knitting for Israeli soldiers!

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  1. Channah wrote me years ago that she didn’t want to do it anymore. I tried to reach out to the person whose name Channah had given me and never heard back. If there is someone accepting hats, please forward pertinent information.
    Lisa Glatt

    1. Thank you for letting me know. I saw that the last time Channah updated her blog was October of last year. I’ll send her an email and see if she would prefer for this post to be taken down.

      If I happen to hear of anyone else accepting hats for Israeli soldiers, I’ll either update this post to reflect that, or I will write a new post for this site. Thank you!

    2. Hi Lisa, I heard back from Channah that though she is looking for someone to take over, she is continuing to accept hats in the meantime. So if you have any that you would like to get to Israeli soldiers, you may go ahead and send them to her. Thanks!

    1. If you’re referring to other charities in Israel, I don’t know of any (but I could do some digging and see what I can find). If you’re talking about places other than Israel, though, there are tons of possibilities. Take a look at the categories of knitting charities in the menu above!

  2. Thirteen baby hats on the way for Haiti! Do you know if this is an ongoing project or have they received what they want? Thanks for the opportunity.

    1. That’s wonderful, Janice, I’ll add it to the spreadsheet! This project is originally intended to go through the end of July, but I think we’re hoping that it could become ongoing. Thanks for knitting and sharing!

  3. Remember that in Israel women are required to serve in the military just as men and they serve in combat positions alongside their male counterparts. If you will look at Channah’s photos on her blog you’ll see young women in their army fatigues and some wearing much needed knitted hats. So keep the young women in mind when knitting for those deserving young Israelis.