Popcorn Is a Knitting Stitch that Adds Texture and Fun

When I found out there was a knitting stitch called the popcorn stitch, I was pretty excited. After all, popcorn is my all-time favorite snack food and late-night munch. As I mentioned previously, I’m trying to knit instead of nosh late at night and something called the popcorn stitch sounded just perfect to me.

Filling up on the popcorn stitch

The popcorn stitch is used to add texture to a knit piece. It’s typically worked on a garter or stockinette stitch. I’ve seen patterns where the popcorn is integrated and others where the knots sit on top of the base stitch, adding little three-dimensional pops of color. This fun scarf pattern features scattered popcorn, like confetti. A friend shared this pattern for a lovely popcorn stitch neck scarf when she heard I was interested. She recommended Caron Simply Soft worsted (6-10 ounces) and size 15 knitting needles. Use a double strand of the yarn for this pattern. Cast on 24 stitches. Row 1: k1, p1 across. Row 2: p1, k1 across. Row 3 and 4–repeat rows 1 and 2 Starting at row 5, for the remainder of the body of the scarf, keep a border of seed or moss stitch on the 1st 4 stitches and last 4 stitches of each row. The rest of the directions are for the center 16 stitches. Row 5: 4 stitches of the seed stitch, p 16, 4 stitches of the seed stitch. Row 6: *(k, p, k) all in the same stitch, p 3 tog, repeat 3 more times from * across to last 4 stitches which will be in seed stitch. Row 7: Repeat row 5. Row 8: 4 seed stitch border, p 3 tog, (k,p,k) all in one stitch. Repeat from * 3 more times to last 4 st in seed pattern. Row 9: Repeat row 5. Continue by repeating rows 5-9 until it is as long as you like. Make the last row of the pattern row 5. Do the seed stitch for the last 4 rows to make the border. Bind off in seed stitch. Lastly, here are directions for making the popcorn separately, and then sewing them onto your creation: Using a size 10 needle, cast on 1 st. K into the front and back of this st twice (4 sts). (P 1 row, K 1 row) twice. Pass the 2nd, 3rd and 4th sts over the first to bind off. Cut yarn, leaving long strand; draw strand through remaining st on needle to fasten off. Thread strand in needle and with running stitch around edge, draw popcorn closed. So hold the butter and pass on the salt–I’ll be working on the popcorn knitting stitch instead of snacking tonight!