Knitting Technique — Learn the Veil Stitch

Light and lacey knit items are my weakness. That’s why I loved it when I learned the knitting technique for knitting the veil stitch. This stitch let’s you knit up some absolutely gorgeous and feminine things like shawls and scarves. Since it’s a very open weave stitch, you can also knit it up in no time. Learn this stitch and make yourself something breathtaking.

Veil Knitting Stitch

The veil stitch is very light, airy and feminine. With it you can make all sorts of beautiful items. It isn’t considered an advanced knitting technique but can be a little tricky catching on to it at first. 1. Tie a slipknot on the end of one of your knitting needles. This counts as your first stitch and is referred to as casting on. Push the point of the needle into your yarn. Hold this needle in your dominant hand and hold the rest of the ball of yarn in your other hand. 2. Wrap the material over your right needle using the left needle. Then move it under and over your left needle this time using your right needle and under and over your right needle again using the left needle. This makes 3 yarn overs. 3. Pull your knitting needles apart a little bit making sure your stitches or your slipknot do not fall off of your needles. 4. Pull the third yarn over through the first yarn over and the stitch using the tip of your opposite knitting needle. Be careful that you don’t drop stitches. 5. Pull the stitch and the yarn over off the right needle very gently so it does not fall apart. 6. Repeat these steps for each row of your project except for tying the slipknot. This free pattern for a scarf uses the veil stitch and is lovely. This isn’t a knitting site and you have to scroll all the way down to the end of the page to get to the scarf and the pattern. But, it’s a great pattern for you to try your new knitting techniques on. A very unusual pattern using the veil stitch is the twice knit scarf. With this pattern, you definitely don’t get the lacey effect because it’s knit with I-cord, but it makes an interesting pattern and gives you some pictures of seeing the veil stitch knit. You can see a slightly different version of the veil stitch on this pattern for a Monteagle bag. It’s a little different, but just follow the directions for this great bag. The veil stitch can be challenging at first, but you’ll be very happy with the results. This is definitely a knitting technique you’ll want to learn.