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Knitting Rays of Hope: Charity Knitting in California for Cancer Patients & NICU Babies

Since 2012, Knitting Rays of Hope has been creating and donating handmade hats both for cancer patients and for premature infants. As of this writing they have contributed well over 3,000 hats to NICUs and cancer centers to warm the heads of those suffering illness. This is a great cause to contribute to no matter where you live, but if you live in California (from where I have received many queries about knitting charities lately), this is definitely an organization you should look at! To get an idea of what kinds of hats they have distributed, check out their blog, which posts in its sidebar a beautiful collage of hats that have been made and donated by volunteers. Their blog also offers a page full of knitting loom tutorials, so if you or someone you know wants to learn, this is a great resource.

How You Can Help

The Knitting Rays of Hope website offers just about all the information you could possibly want to know how to help. Start with the About Us page to learn about their mission. For hat guidelines, take a look at their Get Involved page. Need inspiration? Look at their Photos page, which offers links to hats made for adults, children, and NICU babies. You can also take a look at their Pinterest page. When you’re ready to submit hats, it’s best to contact them via email (their address is listed on the Contact Us page). That way you can get the best, most current mailing address available. Knitting Rays of Hope is a wonderful way for anyone, especially Californians, to help cancer patients young and old as well as premature and ill infants through charity knitting!