Knitting Instructions for Sewing up Seams

Did you know if you don’t use the right knitting instructions for seams you can completely ruin your latest project? Sad but true. Don’t let this happen. Follow these techniques to make sure your projects look their best. When you knit a beautiful garment, it deserves a beautiful finish. If you don’t, your projects will have a very amateurish or homemade look. You don’t want this. You want people to look at your projects and be amazed that they aren’t store-bought. Am I right? One way to ensure this is with the proper finishing techniques when joining the seams of your garments. Here are the best ways to get that professional look.

4 seemingly seamless techniques

1. Use a Ladder Stitch on a Stocking Stitch — This stitch prevents that little dip from appearing at the lower end of the seam. 2. Back Stitch — A back stitch creates a strong, firm seam that looks neat and you can depend on to hold your work together. 3. Overcast Stitch — This is a super simple stitch to use at most any time. Simply put your two pieces right sides together and take the yarn over the edge from back to front. 4. Grafting — This stitch creates an invisible join between two pieces of knitting that have not been cast off. The sewn stitches look exactly the same as the knitted stitches. Keep the stitches on your needles and just slip off a few at a time as you work along the seam.

4 tips to finish off those great looking seams

1. Use a tapestry needle for sewing seams. The blunt tip is less likely to split the yarn of the knitting stitches. 2. Do not pull stitches too tight. You will lose all the elasticity from the seam. 3. It’s helpful to pin your knitted pieces together before working a back stitch seam. 4. Stitch seams with the yarn you used for knitting unless it is a very bulky yarn or a novelty yarn. If this is the case, choose a yarn that is as close in color to the yarn you used for the project. Most importantly make sure you plan ahead and read your knitting pattern to decide which of these seam finishing ideas to use for your project. Look up detailed knitting instructions and use them to help you finish your seams correctly and get that professional look.