Knitting for Charity in Canada

When it comes to knitting for charity in Canada, many Canadians have expressed frustration with the limited number of specifically Canadian knitting charities. It seems like there are thousands of ways to knit for charity around the world, but only a handful proudly call themselves Canuck. Don’t let that stop you, though: you can still join the thousands of Canadians who make charity knitting part of their lives. Getting Started If you’re really interested in learning to knit for charity, here are some great places you can start — and all of them have a uniquely Canadian focus. 1. Check out Canadian knitting charities Although it’s true that there are more American and international knitting charities around, Canada does have some of its very own homegrown knitting charities. Whether you’re interested in helping soldiers overseas or joining Blankets for Canada, the largest knitting charity in the country, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes. 2. Go local Not interested in any of the big charities, or prefer to start out in your own backyard? No problem! Think outside the box. Just because a charity isn’t a knitting charity per se doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be happy to take your handknit donations. Some great starting places include homeless shelters, hospitals (especially maternity and cancer wards), local cancer chapters, kids’ charities, and the like. Anywhere that accepts donations will be happy to take knit items. 3. Consider knitting for charity in a different way Instead of donating knit items, what if you knit for charity by becoming a teacher? Volunteer with a local children’s organization (such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Girl Guides, or the Boys and Girls Club), a retirement home, or a hospital and spend your time teaching a new skill. 4. If all else fails, start your own! Most knitting charities start when someone grabs a few friends, some charity knitting patterns, and sits down to make a difference. Pick a cause that matters to you and rope some knitting friends into joining you, or advertise at local craft stores and meet weekly or monthly at a local coffee shop, church, or community center to work on knitting together. Pick a cause that matters to you, and who knows? Our next article might mention your new charity! Remember, knitting for charity is about creativity, so what really matters is your time and your donation — not the name of the charity you’re working with.