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Knitting Bucket List Challenge: Delicate Lace Shawl and Patchwork Afghan

Our final Knitting Bucket List challenge comes from a Facebook reader who stated that she wished to knit “a delicate patterned shawl” as well as “a knitted blanket that looks like patchwork, with pictures.” The latter challenge – the patchwork knitted blanket – is pretty easy; I’ve been hanging onto a pattern I found just for this purpose. As for the delicate patterned shawl, I’ve actually been wanting to knit something similar for a long time. I’m working my way up to it; currently I’m knitting my first shawl using actual lace-weight yarn. It isn’t lace, though. It uses stockinette and reverse stockinette every 8 rows to create a pleated effect. I do appreciate the opportunity this shawl is providing me to get used to knitting with lace weight yarn. To move into actual lace knitting, I found a couple of helpful articles. Some of them include very small lace pattern projects; two of them have actual lace shawl patterns especially for beginners. Then, I rounded up a few more lace shawl patterns that you can try after you’ve had a few lace projects under your belt.

Patchwork Blanket Knitting Pattern

Here it is: the Odd-Ball Sampler Afghan. Isn’t it amazing? This pattern went straight onto my own personal bucket list the moment I saw it. I love that this particular pattern can use lots of scraps of yarn. It’s also a great way to try a lot of different knitting techniques – cables, colorwork, entrelac, bobbles, and so on. And think of what an amazing gift this would be!

Beginning to Knit Lace

The following articles will help as you begin your lace-knitting journey. Beginner Lace Knitting Instructions: This article is your very basic, first-step first stop. It offers tips for starting out in lace knitting, and it also provides a very easy lace dishcloth and dish towel pattern that you can try out. Beginning Lace Knitting: This is more of a pattern than an article, but it does show you how to knit a very simple lace scarf that can help you get into the swing of lace knitting. Beginner’s Lace Shawl: This is yet another pattern/article, but this one offers even more tips for lace knitting, including supplies and yarn. And you’ll be able to knit your very first lace shawl! Beginner Lace Knitting: Tips for Getting Started: This is a Craftsy blog post that offers even more tips, including information about lifelines and blocking. And, it gives you a link to the Easy as Pie lace shawl, which is another good beginner’s pattern.

Lace Shawl Patterns for Beginners

Finally, here is a collection of patterns for lace shawls that are ideal for second, third, or fourth lace shawl projects. Easy Lace Stole: Here’s an incredibly simple pattern that features a very easy-to-memorize 4-row pattern repeat. It includes both a chart and written instructions (to help you get used to reading a chart) and produces a breathtaking, airy lace. Palm Fronds and Missoni-Inspired Scarf in Blue: These are actually identical patterns, except that Palm Fronds features one less pattern repeat than Missoni-Inspired, so it is a little narrower. The feather-and-fan stitch pattern used by both patterns is probably my favorite lace stitch pattern; it looks striking but is very simple. Crystal Lake Shawl: This beautiful Lion Brand shawl pattern has a simple 8-row stitch pattern that you can repeat as often as you wish. It calls for worsted weight cotton, but you can certainly use laceweight (with slightly smaller needles – try size 6 or so) for a more delicate shawl. Now we can all be ready to tackle lace knitting – and add a gorgeous patchwork afghan pattern to our collection as well!