Knit Your Own Stylish Purse with These Free Knitting Patterns

How would you like to have an unlimited amount of great purses? Now you can if you use these free knitting patterns. These patterns are simple and the latest styles. You can knit a purse in every style and color you could possibly need for much less than you would pay in stores. What could be better?

Felted market bags

Everybody is interested in doing their part for the environment these days. With this free knitting pattern, you’ll be doing just that. This pattern is for a really cute and stylish bag for toting your groceries in. The pattern has bold stripes and felted for extra strength and to reduce stretching. You can make a big bag, 15″ x 12″, or a small bag, 7″ x 12″. Personally, I think this pattern could be used for a market bag and would also make a great purse.

Striped & felted purse

Another great pattern for a purse is this quick and easy shoulder bag. Using double strands of yarn and a pair of large needles, this purse knits up quickly. The purse is 12″x15″, a great size and takes only five balls of yarn. After knitting, felt the purse and you are ready to go.

Bias knit purse

Looking for something a little bit different? Try this bias knitted purse. This purse is striking with its stripes knit on the bias with silk yarn. You work this pattern by starting in one corner until you have a triangle, then knit another triangle to join the first one. Very unique! On the Internet, download free knitting patterns to your heart’s content. Give some of these free knitting patterns a try and you will soon have all the purses you need.