Kids Knitting Patterns for Any Occasion

For some reason, kids knitting patterns aren’t as common as those for babies. I guess it makes sense: we knit a lot of things for baby showers, and babies are tiny, so you can whip up a lot of socks in the same time it would take to make an adult sized sweater. But knitting for kids is fun, too. Whether you have children of your own or want to make a charitable splash, the clothes in these free kids knitting patterns are sure to fit the bill for any occasion.

Free knitting for kids

Here are my newest favorite kids patterns! 1. Oriental Lily Dress This surprisingly simple pattern is designed for toddlers, but you could easily adapt it for older girls. It’s a very cute, fun, and brightly colored dress that will make any little girl smile. If you really want to be the best gift giver in town, make a newborn sized dress for her favorite doll or stuffed animal to match. 2. Yoke sweaters Bernat’s kids sweater knitting patterns are always good, and these Yoke sweaters are no exception. They are simple, fun, and perfectly suited to boys and girls up to the age of 10 — the best thing to keep them warm during cold winter months. 3. Home Run Baseball Jersey This is an awesome pattern, a very cool pullover that looks professionally made. When you’re knitting for kids, you don’t want them going to school looking like they’re wearing a teddy bear. With this beautiful sweater pattern, there’s no risk of that. Let your sport fan choose his or her favorite number and get started today! 4. Robe and Slipper Set This free vintage pattern is for boys, but would work equally well for girls (although there is another vintage pattern specifically for the gals, too). The boys’ pattern is more what we’d think of as a modern bathrobe while the one for girls looks like Shirley Temple’s — depending on what you’re going for, either one is adorable. 5. Child’s Cat Sweater Depending on the colors, this can be a Halloween classic or just a fun everyday knit. This is one of the easier kids knitting patterns, so if you’re just starting out with intarsia, this is a good way to get going. Whether you have children in your life or you’re looking for some charitable knitting inspiration, these patterns are fun, simple, and oh-so-cool. Get started with kids knitting patterns today and you’ll have a whole lot of new young friends tomorrow.