Do you want to change the world doing
something you love?

Have you tried to find out more about charity knitting and found yourself stuck? Or worse… overwhelmed? 

I’ve been there… and I can help!


  • You’ve never knitted anything for charity before.
  • You’ve knitted so many projects and would love to donate them, but you don’t know who needs them.
  • You love charity knitting but need fresh inspiration, or maybe just some organization!
  • You don’t have the money for shipping donations or for buying patterns.
  • You don’t have time to read a book.

“Nicole’s book presents all of the information needed in an organized, useful and entertaining fashion. I especially love how she categorized all of the charities by project type so I was immediately directed to a charity who could benefit from my project.”

Cori Griswold, Knitter

“This eBook makes me feel like I’m not alone knitting for my favorite charities, because it really is something deep inside of me that I feel I need to do. And others feel the same way! It makes me smile. “

linda snyder, knitter

I believe there’s someone who needs what you love to knit.


Instead of feeling helpless in a world gone mad… imagine feeling the satisfaction of making a difference.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of charity knitting… imagine knowing what you’re knitting and for whom

Imagine knowing exactly where your knitting will go

Imagine knowing your knitting is warming, comforting, and providing tangible love to someone in need.

Hi! I’m Nicole Haschke, the author of Knitting for Charity,
One Stitch at a Time.

I picked up knitting needles for the first time over a decade ago and became obsessed almost immediately. Soon thereafter, I was delighted to discover charity knitting.

But after digging for more information about charities I could knit for, I felt swamped and confused by all the information out there. My first attempt resulted in listless, restless knitting because I hadn’t chosen the right project, even though I cared deeply about the people it would help. Later, I found some adorable patterns that made me smile, and I couldn’t get enough!

You see, it’s not just about finding the right cause. Nor is it just about finding the right patterns. You need both!

Today I’m a happy charity knitter. I have the satisfaction of knowing that my knitting has a purpose. It’s not just a way to keep myself calmer or of having fun with sticks and string — though it’s both of those for sure. But more than that, it’s now a way for me to send love throughout the world in a positive way. And we all know the world needs all the love and positivity it can get!

Here’s why you need Knitting for Charity, One Stitch at a Time.

In this eBook, you’ll see how to set yourself up for the rewarding feeling of charity knitting. You can avoid the overwhelm and get exactly the resources you need. 

And if you don’t have time to read through such a comprehensive resource? Knitting for Charity, One Stitch at a Time is also available on audiobook! You can learn how to develop a plan for your charity knitting while washing dishes, using the treadmill, driving your car… or knitting!

You’ll learn: 

  • How to decide what to knit
  • How to decide who to knit for
  • How to find the perfect pattern you’ll enjoy knitting
  • Where to find an organization that needs what you love to knit
  • How to keep your charity knitting organized
  • How to put together your own knitting group
  • How to knit for charitable fundraising

Fabulous Resources at the End of the eBook

  1. At the end of each chapter is a list of Action Steps you can take right away. A printable worksheet with all the “Action Steps” allows you to track your progress and fill in your own responses and discoveries.
  2. In the Appendix, you’ll find two lists of knitting charities. One shows you who will accept what you want to make. The other list shows you who serves the population you most want to help.
  3. Preliminary Charity Knitting Planner: This will help you track patterns you want to knit and charities you want to knit for.
  4. Charity Knitting Checklist: Here you can track all your charity knitting projects, both present & future.

Don’t have time to read?
Knitting for Charity, One Stitch at a Time on audiobook
is for you!

If you have a smartphone, an MP3 player, an iPod, or a car stereo that uses Bluetooth or a USB to play music, you can listen to Knitting for Charity, One Stitch at a Time just about anywhere!

And if you just have a CD player and a computer with a CD-ROM drive… no worries. Burn the audiobook to a CD (be sure you burn it in audio, rather than data, format) and you can listen to it anywhere your CD player can go!

You’ll also receive a file called “Resource Links.” This is a clickable list of all the resources linked to in the eBook (including the lists of charities).

“For a long time, I’ve just been making items like a mad woman to give to my favorite charities. When it came time to deliver, I’d feel bad because I hadn’t distributed items equally among charities.

Nicole’s charts from Knitting for Charity, One Stitch at a Time helped me finally figure out how to do more of what I want to do. Her worksheets were a GODSEND!”
Sylvia Mayfield,
“I know lots of people are like me, enjoy knitting but cannot dedicate too much time in a huge project. This eBook will come to your rescue: understanding your skill level, defining your goal, finding out charities that meet your goal and of course, fun and useful patterns that you can knit.”
S.F. Yiu,
“I have learned so much from Nicole’s book, Knitting for Charity, One Stitch at a Time. It has helped me organize my thoughts and projects. I was especially tickled pink to learn about Ravelry. It will be a wonderful resource.”
Kathie Sherer,




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Questions? Want to make sure Knitting for Charity, One Stitch at a Time is right for you?

If you have any questions about Knitting for Charity, One Stitch at a Time, I’d be honored to answer them!

Fill out the form below and ask your question(s). I’ll be more than happy to set your mind at ease and help you decide whether the eBook, audiobook, or both will help you!