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Interested in Knitting for Armed Forces? Support Warmth for Warriors

If you are interested in knitting for armed forces to show your support, Warmth for Warriors is a great cause to support. Warmth for Warriors runs a Hats for Troops project that collects hats year-round. According to their website, these hats are distributed to soldiers in active duty abroad, to medical units where sick and wounded soldiers are prepared to leave for hospitals in Germany, and to VA hospitals in the United States. These hats are a tremendous comfort to fighting men and women who may see few reminders of home. They are also supportive shows of thanks to retired troops who often feel underappreciated by their countrymen and women. What better way to show that you appreciate their sacrifices than through gifts of knitting?

How You Can Help

You can, of course, hand-knit or -crochet warm wool hats that both active duty and retired troops will appreciate. Those who see active duty will appreciate having warm helmet liners; retired ones simply appreciate the support of their fellow Americans. The Warmth for Warriors website offers a simple pattern that works well for wearing under helmets. The pattern comes in three variations: crochet, knitted on straight needles, and knitted on circular or double-pointed needles. You’ll find a perfect variety no matter your skill level. You can also sponsor a hat tag for $5. A hat tag is a simple tag, inscribed with a poem, that goes with every Warmth for Warriors tag distributed. Your name can go on such a tag when you sponsor a hat. Finally, monetary donations are always welcome, as Warmth for Warriors is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization. Knitting for armed forces is a wonderful way to show your support to a group of men and women who sacrifice so much for us; why not knit for Warmth for Warriors’ Hats for Troops project today?