Insane Sweater Knitting Patterns, Part III

Insane knitting patterns have two purposes, for me. One, they can be fascinating. I enjoy discovering the impossibly clever ideas and designs conceived by knitwear designers. And two, they can be inspiring. Some patterns are so beautiful and/or unusual that I can’t help thinking, “Maybe I can try that someday!”

I hope that one of these purposes – or, perhaps, another purpose entirely – has been served through this series of insane sweater knitting patterns. The final collection of this series follows!

Insane Sweater Knitting Patterns – the Final Collection

Modell 431/8 Musterjacke: Intense charted lace AND instructions only in German. Wunderbar!

Mohair Mosaic Sweater: Slipped stitches, mosaic knitting, AND the instructions are all in Japanese? I’d say more, but I don’t actually know any Japanese words. 

Patchwork Sweater: The minute I laid eyes on this sweater, I knew it was a contender. The crazy geometrical design in the front is composed by modular knitting. The sleeves are crocheted. There’s lace at the bottom trimmed with fringe. It will take a brave knitter/crocheter to create this sweater, as well as to wear it! 

Stop Traffic Circles, Child’s Fair Isle, Counting Crows: Three insane knitting patterns for children’s sweaters (in a variety of different types of colorwork) for the price of one! (Well, for the price of none since it’s free!)

Veste Couture: Intense colorwork AND instructions only in French. Fantastique! 

Wayside Lace Cardigan: This is one of the most beautiful cardigans I’ve ever seen. Almost too beautiful to be included here. But reading the pattern instructions, casting a wary glance at the lace pattern, and checking out the schematics made my head swim. So it lands right here as a beautiful challenge. “Knit me if you dare!” 

Whose Tracks?: As if the 8 pages of charts for this multi-animal-track cardigan pattern weren’t enough, the pattern is also written in Russian. Enough of a challenge for you? 

(I didn’t mean to end this collection with 4 patterns in non-English languages, but they certainly round it out nicely!)

There you have it: the most insane knitting patterns for sweaters available free online. Now, a quick question: have you ever knitted a sweater that you found completely insane? If so, let me know!