Let’s End the Struggle to Find
the Perfect Knitting Pattern

You’re new to knitting, and you wonder what patterns are available to you that you can knit with the skills you currently have.

Your granddaughter is a fairy princess fanatic, and she wants to wear a shawl that looks just like fairy wings.

Your son needs–that’s right, NEEDS–a hat with the logo of his favorite sports team.

You have a ball of beautiful yarn that you’re just dying to knit with, but you’ve never used this fiber before; what should you make with it?

I’ve heard from many knitters with such situations over the years. Let’s learn exactly how you can solve these issues and more, with a knitter’s secret weapon to find exactly the pattern you need quickly and easily!


  • You’re completely lost when trying to find knitting patterns online
  • You need to find a pattern with exact specifications (size, shape, style, and so on)
  • Your knitting skills are new, and you want to gain confidence by knitting patterns that use techniques you already know
  • You’ve never used Ravelry before, or you have but couldn’t quite figure out their pattern database
  • You have a specific quantity of yarn to use
  • You have a specific fiber you wish to use

I believe you can find exactly the pattern you need using the Ravelry pattern database.

(And I can show you how!)


Instead of spending hours attempting searches on Google… imagine visiting one website that will show you exactly what you’re looking for.

Instead of looking at a new, gorgeous hank of yarn and wondering what on earth you’ll make with it… imagine finding that perfect pattern and beginning your next project right away

Imagine delighting friends and loved ones with knitted gifts that are perfect for them. 


I really enjoyed this class!

I am constantly trying to find easy patterns and then wonder what type of yarn to use. This class has educated me in these areas, and now I will have an easier time. I have knitted a long time but have never advanced from an intermediate knitter. With this new knowledge, I feel a little more confident. Nicole has a gift of encouraging others to step out of our comfort zones and at least try new ideas. She gently pushes us forward, admitting to her own past fears so we feel we can try. It’s a very rare and special gift. Thanks again for this great class!
Chris H.

Hi! I’m Nicole Haschke, your guide to using Ravelry

I picked up knitting needles for the first time over a decade and a half ago and became obsessed almost immediately.

The Ravelry website opened its virtual doors within a few years of my becoming a knitter, and I joined as soon as I could.

But it wasn’t until I began to write a little newsletter called Knitting Nuggets (maybe you’ve heard of it??) that I discovered the immense value of Ravelry’s pattern database. Not only did I use it to craft collections of free knitting patterns for this website, but I also used it to help out readers who made very specific requests for patterns.

It occurred to me how many people could benefit from learning how they, too can quickly and easily find exactly the knitting patterns they want and need. That’s why I’m here today, offering you hand up!

Here’s why you need How to Find the Perfect Knitting Pattern Using Ravelry

In this video-based course, I’m going to show you exactly how to navigate Ravelry, where to find the pattern database, and of course, how to use that database to narrow your search so that it leads you to the right pattern!

Don’t worry–it won’t take long! Just three video lessons less than 25 minutes total are all you’ll need to become a Ravelry power user.

When you’ve finished this course, you’ll know:

  • How to navigate the Ravelry Advanced Search for patterns
  • How to use filters to help you narrow down your search
  • Which categories you will find most essential in your searches
  • How to move filters in such a way as to keep the ones you use most often closest to the top

I’ve already put it to use…

Thank you so much for this course. It was very useful, and I have already put it to use, finding a loom knitting pattern for yarn I bought in New Zealand recently. It came with a pattern, but the pattern was not easily transferable to the loom.
I am totally blind, and really appreciated your clear verbal descriptions of what you were doing.
Amanda Heal

Inside Your Course

Three speedy videos (less than 25 minutes total!) will demonstrate everything you need to confidently navigate Ravelry’s pattern database!


Video One:

About Ravelry
1 Day After Enrollment
You’ll learn all about the great reasons to use Ravelry aside from the pattern database (including your own notebook, groups, and a yarn database). You’ll also learn how to join, if you haven’t already.


Video Two:

The Advanced Pattern Browser &
Getting to Know Filters
2 Days After Enrollment
You’ll learn exactly how to find the browser and learn all about using filters to find your perfect pattern.


Video Three:

Diving Deep into Filters
3 Days After Enrollment
Learn how to move filters, the ones you’ll most like use (and need), and filters you might not need but will likely find super-helpful.

And One More Treat…

Special Live Demonstration and Q&A Session!
After you receive all your video lessons, you’ll be invited to a special
live demonstration! I’ll offer up to 3 participants the chance to guide me through
the pattern attributes of their choice, after which I’ll answer any questions you may have.

What you’ll need to succeed in this course

Just like most courses, you will need to know a few things in order to get the most out of this course. Don’t worry… you don’t need to be super technically proficient! Only a few bits of knowledge will be necessary.

To wit:

**How to browse the Internet on a computer. While you can access Ravelry from a tablet or smartphone, you’ll find it easiest to learn how to use the Ravelry database browser on a computer first.

**Be able to watch while trying it out.
You’ll likely want to watch while you try out the browser, so you’ll want to either:

a: Watch a video on half your screen and navigate to a website on the other half, or

b: Watch a video on a tablet or mobile device while you navigate a website on your computer.
(This will make following the video demonstrations much easier!)

**Basic knitting and/or crochet terms.
You’ll need to understand the terms used in whatever craft you’re looking for; knowing these will help you narrow down your Ravelry searches.

Questions? Want to make sure How to Find the Perfect Knitting Pattern Using Ravelry is right for you?

If you have any questions about this course, I’d be honored to answer them!

Fill out the form below and ask your question(s). I’ll be more than happy to set your mind at ease and help you decide whether this course will help you!