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Help Homeless Bay-Area Teens with CompassionKnit

Too many teenagers are homeless in the San Francisco Bay area; help them with handknits through CompassionKnit

Homelessness is a tragedy; I think we can all agree that no one should ever lack a place to lay their heads. But when homelessness is the plight of a teenager, it strikes me as being all the more tragic. Teenagers become homeless for a variety of reasons. Some of these include running away, being kicked out of their homes, being abandoned by parents or guardians, becoming emancipated, or aging out of foster care. Drug addiction, abuse, neglect, and mental illness issues often come into play as well.

The constant among all these issues creating homelessness in teenagers is that they often feel helpless, hopeless, future-less, and worst of all, loveless.

That’s why organizations like CompassionKnit fill such vital roles in the charity knitting world. As I say frequently, charity knitting is as much about offering love as it is offering warmth. There is something so powerful in the act of offering the work of your own hands with your own time to someone you don’t know. It can bring a sense of hope to a person who may otherwise feel like there is very little reason for hope.

About CompassionKnit

CompassionKnit was founded in 2009 by a woman named Monika. The group is dedicated to providing hand-knitted and crocheted scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, socks, and anything else that can be made to help keep another person warm. (Believe it or not, it can get cold in San Francisco, especially at night!) These items are donated to local homeless shelters for teenagers, teen group homes, and foster children.

Items are collected year-round, and donations are dropped off between June and December every year.

How You Can Help

If you live in or around the Bay area, this is the perfect project for you. CompassionKnit will gladly take anything you want to knit for teenagers. There really aren’t any rules! Knit whatever you think would help make a teenager feel warm and loved.

Want some inspiration? Definitely check out the charity’s Ravelry page, which offers postings of finished projects. You’ll also need to check either the Ravelry page or the group’s Facebook page in order to find out where you can drop off finished projects, so you can message Monika on one those two platforms. You’ll find a pretty constant stream of beautiful photos of finished projects on the Facebook page too!

This is a fantastic opportunity for Bay-area Californians to help a nearly-forgotten part of the population. So pop over to CompassionKnit’s Ravelry or Facebook page and get started knitting!

I believe there's someone who needs what you love to knit. If you'd like to knit patterns you love for people you care about, I can help!
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  1. Thank you SO much for the article, Nicole! There was a lot of new activity on the CompassionKnit Facebook page thanks to your post. ?