Keep Dogs (or a Cat) Warm and Happy with Free Knitting Patterns for Coats

Many dogs (and some cats) need a little help to stay warm during the colder months; any of these free knitting
patterns for coats will helpfree dog coat knitting patterns

My recent survey of Knitting Nuggets Newsletter subscribers gave me all kinds of ideas for articles here at Knitting for Charity. The most surprising suggestion I received was “dog coats.” At first, I laughed… but then I thought about it and realized it was a great idea!

Dog coats are terrific knitting projects for so many reasons. Number one, they make perfect gifts for dog lovers. People who own dogs often dote on them and make them very high priorities in their lives. So if you know and love someone who has everything, why not make something for their dog?

Number two, dog coats are great ways to try and learn new techniques. You might be nervous about trying Fair Isle or cables in a project for a person — what if you mess up? But if you’re knitting for a dog? No problem. Dogs don’t care. Dogs won’t notice if your cables cross the wrong way or if you mess up your Fair Isle chart. As long as the coats keep them warm, dogs couldn’t care less what they look like!

And finally, by the same token, dog coats are a great way to use up yarn odds and ends. Again, dogs don’t care if you give them a loud multicolor coat. Besides, a dog will look a lot cuter with a coat of many colors than most humans would!

Have I convinced you yet? Or did you need no convincing? If so, dive into this adorable collection of dog coat knitting patterns. (I’ll even throw in a cat pattern!)

Dog Coat Knitting Patterns

Buster: I’m listing this pattern first because I have it pinned on my personal Pinterest board, and one day I hope to knit it for my own dog, Winnie. This is a really cute coat with sleeves and a button neckline. It also has an adorable popped collar!

Perfect Fit Dog & Cat Sweater: This amazing sweater pattern is part pattern, part recipe. You can make this pattern for any dog from the tiniest Chihuahua to the biggest Great Dane. Better still, you can make it for any animal. Try it for your guinea pig, your ferret, your cat, your bunny, your lamb, or your llama!

Pug Dog Sweater: The name says it all. This is a very simple sweater pattern designed to fit the unique dimensions of the adorable pug breed.

Cabled Dog Sweater: Designed for the smallest as well as much bigger dogs, this lovely sweater is a great way to learn and practice knitting cables.

Nordic Paws: Meanwhile, if it’s Norwegian color work you’d like to learn/practice/master, try this beautiful pattern!

Side Button Greyhound Sweater: This beautiful ribbed turtleneck sweater is perfect for the difficult-to-fit greyhound.

The Lookout: Here’s another stylish cabled sweater with a turtleneck. This sweater is designed for smaller dogs; it’ll fit a Chihuahua up to a cocker spaniel. This is the rare dog sweater that will reach all the way down to the dog’s tail.

Biscuits and Bones Dog Coat: This is among my favorite of the cabled dog sweaters. What makes this pattern so adorable is that the cables are designed to imitate doggie bones and doggie biscuits. So clever!

Side Button Dog Sweater: Got a smaller dog than a greyhound but just as impossible when it comes to acquiescing to warm dressing? Try this impossibly cute dog sweater with side buttons that will make dressing your smaller pup a breeze.

Let’s Go: This is similar to the Nordic Paws sweater in that it features Norwegian stranded knitting, but the actual colorwork scheme is much different. This beautiful coat fits a Chihuahua to an Irish Setter.

Prep Dog Sweater: Got a little cutie who’s about to start school (aka obedience training)? Send her off to school in style with a “prep” sweater, featuring a turtleneck and a set of interlocking cables down the middle of the back.

Cornish Rex Sweater: Remember when I mentioned a cat pattern? Maybe you were thinking, “Seriously, who would knit a sweater for a cat? Have you ever seen a cat who would willingly wear a sweater?” Meet the Cornish Rex. In case you’re unfamiliar with the Cornish Rex, it’s a breed of cat that has a thin curly coat. So unlike most cats that would only be forced to wear a coat to look silly, Cornish Rexes actually need coats in colder weather to stay warm! (Now granted, I don’t know how willing a Cornish Rex is to be dressed in a coat…) Anyway, this lovely sweater will keep the Cornish Rex in your life warm and cozy.

Now the pups in your life (or the life of a relative or friend) can stay cozy year-round!

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  1. Hi! I’m looking for a knitting pattern for a little kitten sweater. Kitten season is here and I would like to donate them to shelters and rescues.