Frugal Knitting with Yarn Scraps for Sought-After Projects

A desire for frugal knitting is a common reason to knit using yarn scraps or leftovers. But you may want to knit scraps for other reasons. Here are a few of them: 1. You are running out of room for your yarn. 2. You can’t bring yourself to throw out small amounts of yarn, but you’re getting tired of their mocking you from within your stash. 3. Your spouse or significant other has forbidden you from buying any more yarn until you use up the yarn you already have. Okay, so most of these are a little humorous (if not painfully true!). The point is, however, that knitting with scraps makes good common sense, and if you’re looking to save money, knitting with scraps is a great way to do it. Sure, you could knit tiny cute things – amigurumi and other small toys, bookmarks, bracelets, and so on. But sometimes you can only knit so many tiny things before your fingers start to itch for something a little more substantial, not to mention more practical. If this describes you, you’re in luck! We’ve gathered several free knitting patterns that are a great way to use up odd bits of yarn, and what’s more, they’re all substantial, practical, or both. Some of them even make great gifts – if you don’t want to steal them for yourself, that is! Free Knitting Patterns Using Yarn Scraps Slip Stitch Stash Hat: It’s hard to believe that such a beautiful hat could be knit strictly from leftover yarn, isn’t it? Pruline: These baby booties are so precious and knit up so quickly, you could make several for charity or for baby shower gifts! (Instructions are shown in both French and English; just scroll down a little for English instructions.) Lulu Kerchief: A bit more substantial than just a headband, and so much cuter! Bev’s Colonial Mop Cap: These also make great baby gifts, but since the instructions run up to 4 years of age, they also make wonderful charity knitting projects. Vickie Howell’s Scrap Wrap: This is a design Vickie came up with when she wanted to quickly put together a wrap to keep her warm when traveling. Perfect for whipping up something one-of-a-kind for yourself or someone special. Slip for Lippy Makeup Bag: This cute little slip-stitch bag could be used either for makeup or as a change purse. Starlett: An adorable hat for a girl. Tympany: An adult ear-flap hat, this was designed to be knitted with self-striping sock yarn, but you can just as easily use scraps of yarn instead! Odds & Ends Mittens: These are great charity projects, or for anyone with a fun sense of style. Just gather all your odds and ends of yarn and start knitting, and soon enough you’ll have a fun pair of mittens! Sock Yarn Blankie: How about an entire afghan made from leftover yarn? This uses mitered squares to put together a beautiful blanket, one bit of scrap yarn at a time. So you see, you don’t have to knit only insubstantial or impractical “fun” things with leftover yarn. Your frugal knitting can turn out projects anyone would love to have!