Free Knitting Patterns: The Easter Bunny

Looking for free knitting patterns for Easter? Why not try knitting bunnies? Every year, the deluge of pet bunnies people bought as Easter presents are brought to animal shelters and house rabbit societies shortly after the holiday. Apparently, the enthusiastic gift giver neglected to realize the care required to house a bunny. So let’s skip the whole cruelty-to-animals lecture and make your kids some hand knit bunnies instead.

1. Bunny Hat

Why not turn your little one into your very own cuddly Easter bunny? You won’t be able to resist this floppy-eared hat — perfect for those not-quite-summer days outside and absolutely adorable to boot.

2. Toy Bunny

This is a very easy, professional looking toy that you’ll have as much fun creating as your little ones will have playing with. It has a bit of an old-fashioned feel to it, but that only adds to its charm. Fun and simple, you’ll feel like a professional toymaker.

3. Knitted Bunny Pattern

Perfect for novice knitters or those without too much time on their hands! This comes from an excellent crop of free knitting patterns based around a single square of knitting. It’s simple, fast, and creates a very cute, cuddly toy for children of all ages.

4. Teeny Tiny Knitted Toys

These are perfect free knitting patterns when you have just a little bit of yarn left over from a project. You can knit a whole collection or family in a matter of hours — the perfect Easter present when you hide the family around the house (and not nearly as teeth-rotting as chocolate).

5. Knitted Cuddlies

Like the Teeny Tiny Knitted Toys, these free knitting patterns are quick, don’t take much in the way of materials, and are imaginative Easter gifts. You can make all sorts of animals, but an Easter bunny who leaves some of her babies is again … perfect for Easter. So with Easter coming, leave the real rabbits to those with the time to take care of them. For the kids, knit up one of these free knitting patterns and create a toy they’ll treasure for years to come instead. Or go beyond the bunny and create an entire Easter basket with these free knitting patterns.