Free Knitting Patterns That Will Make Your Valentine’s Day Sweet

There are a lot of free knitting patterns for just about every holiday, so why should Valentine’s Day be an exception? We’re all used to getting storebought cards, candies, and flowers on the day of love — but why let commercialism drive us? This year, why not try your hand at knitting your own personal Valentine’s gift? Have I convinced you? If not, these free patterns for knitting with hearts will probably do the trick!

1. Love me knot

These socks make use of illusion knitting. If you’ve never tried illusion knitting, you’re missing out: it makes an extremely fun pattern that ‘vanishes’ when you look at it a certain way. These socks go a step further: if you count the socks you can see, even numbers mean a yes answer to your question and odd numbers mean no. Fun and educational — just what free knit patterns should be!

2. Valentine surprise pillow

This very simple, very cute pillow contains a small pocket that will just hold a Hershey’s Kiss (or other small candy). It’s a great way to wake up anyone on Valentine’s Day: with a new pillow propped on their bed and a delicious treat tucked away inside.

3. Heart bath mitt

I admit it: I prefer unusual free patterns for knitting. And I haven’t seen a lot of patterns for bath mitts around. This pattern is fast, easy, and extremely practical. It makes a fantastic present all year round, but the heart motif makes it particularly fitting for Valentine’s Day. This year, don’t let Hallmark dictate your Valentine’s preferences. Trust your own instincts and give a gorgeous handmade gift they’ll treasure for years. After all, with these free knitting patterns for Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong.