Fantastic Free Knitting Patterns for Winter Warmth and Cozy Feet

When it comes to free knitting patterns slippers aren’t quite as easy to find as baby blankets, scarves, or hats. People often either don’t think about knitting slippers or they picture ghastly tea cozies for feet and run in the other direction. But with the right free knitting pattern, slippers can be fun, warm, and cozy — as these patterns prove. Many knitting charities benefit from slipper knitting. So give it a shot with some of these free knitting patterns. They knit up fast and you can have tons of fun and always do some more donating to your favorite charity.

1. Cozy Whisper Slippers

These slippers are warm, soft, cute, and cozy — everything you expect from free patterns for knitting something to encase your feet in winter storms. Okay, so you shouldn’t wear these outside: the point is that they’re trendy enough to make a teen girl smile and warm enough to keep her Mom happy, too.

2. Ballet Slippers

Why pay for cheap cotton ballet slippers that fall apart in a few months when you can knit your very own warm, soft, cozy ones with this free knitting pattern? These are super easy, very cute, and lots of fun.

3. Chunky Slippers

This is one of those free patterns for knitting that makes you really smile: huge, chunky, cozy slippers that are absolutely made for girls. And hey, if the boys like them too, more power to them — but I know my own daughter swooned as soon as she saw all the pink.

4. Bunny Slippers

I love bunnies. I love slippers. So guess what? I adore these too cute bunny slippers. Unfortunately, they’re in kids’ sizes — but when has that ever stopped me? A little tweaking and these keep my own feet warm and cozy in front of the fire.

5. Felted Men’s Slippers

These say they’re for men, but they’d also work for anyone wanting a free knitting pattern with a little less funk and a little more function. Very simple, attractive, and extremely warm, these slippers carry the whole family through the winter.

6. Knitted Moccasin Slippers

Of all the free knitting patterns for slippers, this is probably my favorite: it combines style, simplicity, and functionality for a really nice slipper that you’ll use for years to come. And as with various kinds of yarn, mess around and make these as simple or as funky as you see fit. With these free knitting patterns, you’ll have no more cause to complain about the winter blues!