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Charity Knitters Help Knitted Knockers Spread to the UK

It has been such a privilege to join up with charity knitters all around the world! Since taking over Knitting for Charity and the Knitting Nuggets Newsletter, I have heard from knitters everywhere: all over the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, even countries where English isn’t their first language. Isn’t it wonderful how knitting and the Internet can bring us together?

I recently read about a charity I didn’t know existed that developed from one I did know about. You may have read here at Knitting for Charity about the American group “Knitted Knockers.” This is a knitting group that creates knitted prosthetic breasts for women who have fought breast cancer and undergone mastectomies. These prosthetics are lightweight, comfortable, and inexpensive — quite unlike the silicone prosthetics that are often sold to breast cancer survivors.

As it turns out, the United States is not the only country that develops knitted knockers. The United Kingdom has a group, too! It is called “Knitted Knockers UK,” and its purpose is exactly the same: it is dedicated to providing women who have had mastectomies with their own knitted cotton prosthetic breasts. So if you live in the UK and would love to support such a group, read on!

How You Can Help

Of course, one way you can support Knitted Knockers UK is by, well, knitting knockers! To do so, you’ll need to sign up to be a member through their Facebook group. The process is explained thoroughly on their website; just visit and read the information on this page and click the “Applications Group” button to sign up on their Facebook group page.

Once you’ve been approved onto their Facebook group page, you can access all the group’s patterns. You’ll be able to choose from knitting flat, knitting in the round, crocheting, or knitting plus crochet.

Knitted Knockers UK also accepts monetary donations, which are used to help provide supplies to their knitters. You can find a “Donate” button on every page of their website.

Of course, if you can simply spread the world and let other UK knitters know about this fantastic charity, that would be a big help in itself! Check out the PDF poster and flyer linked to at the bottom of their Fundraising page.

If you need or would like confirmation of just how much this organization helps women, be sure to read their testimonial page. You’ll see just a few heartfelt notes written by women who have received knitted knockers of their own.

So UK charity knitters, I hope you’ll consider knitting for this fantastic charity and/or make sure your friends hear about it!