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Bridge and Beyond: Knitting Charity Helping the Homeless in Ohio

Reader Sue let me know of a group in Ohio (my home state!) called Bridge and Beyond. This is a knitting charity that works to warm the homeless and others in need through a variety of projects, including afghans, hats, scarves, mittens, slippers, and washcloths. Most of the people served through Bridge and Beyond are those in homeless shelters, faith missions, and soup kitchens. Group leader Sandy refers to these people in need as “bridge folks,” as many of them essentially live outside. The need is tremendous; almost anything you enjoy knitting can be used! How You Can Help Take a look at the Bridge and Beyond website, which offers guidelines for the different items they accept. Every item has its own tab at the top of each web page. Follow these guidelines carefully so that your donation can be used. Also, please note that every donation needs to have a note attached with an email address. Sandy explains the reasoning thusly: “Without notes identifying you, donations will not be used. You may choose to be anonymous on the blog by letting me know that in your note; but being anonymous with me is NOT an option. “You might wonder why, as many feel the true nature of giving is to do it anonymously. I have gotten donations that weren’t suitable and need to be able to communicate that with the person so they don’t continue to send items poorly made, items not meeting the requirements, etc. AND…since donations come from all over, I do need to be careful.” So be sure that whatever donation you send has a note attached, because we know you want to make sure your knitting helps people in need. To join in, you can either send an email through the contact from on the right side of every page on the website. As an alternative, you can join their Facebook page. Do you live in or near Ohio? Do you care about helping homeless people or people in need and want to help wherever needed? You’re invited to take a look at Bridge and Beyond and see how you can make a difference with this knitting charity!